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You probably never imagined that drinking your morning cup of coffee or tea would give you the ability to display your Gadgeteer spirit, did you? I mean, besides a coffee maker, what type of gadgets could a gear-head use to help with that first blast of caffeinated goodness? How about a special mug that can mix the sugar in your tea or the cream in your coffee? The Brando Whirl Wind Cup to be precise, can do just that.

brando whirlwindcup1

According to the box, this mug makes your beauty come to life. Ummm, if you say so… As you can see, this is a plastic and metal mug that looks similar to other coffee mugs that people tote around the office.

brando whirlwindcup4

It even comes with a removable lid that helps guard against spills by employing a twisting top that closes or opens the sip spouts.

Remove the lid to see what makes this mug special.

brando whirlwindcup5

A small 4 bladed rotor is built into the bottom. The blades are made of plastic.

brando whirlwindcup6

Here you can get a little better view of the rotor. Even though it looks small, it is actually quite powerful.

brando whirlwindcup2

The rotor is powered by 2 AAA batteries (included with the mug) which are installed into the base of the mug. A plastic cover locks in place to protect the batteries.

brando whirlwindcup3

The Whirl Wind Cup can hold approximately 1.5 cups (350ml) of liquid. You don’t want to fill it up to the very top though, because the mixing action will raise the level in the cup.

After you fill it, you just press the clear rubber button on the handle and watch your beverage mix before your eyes!

See it in action…

brando whirlwindcup7
Click on image to play the QuickTime video (1:48sec, 3.7mb). The video is encoded in the H.264 codec. You will need the latest version of Quicktime to view it. VLC is another free viewer.

I conducted several tests with the Whirl Wind Cup. The first test I tried was mixing some splenda in a cup of hot tea. No problems there. The next test was to beat up a raw egg for some scrambled eggs. This worked great too! The hardest test was to mix up some chocolate protein powder in soy milk. The powder I use tends to be pretty clumpy if it doesn’t mix up thoroughly. I am happy to report that this cup mixed the powder perfectly. Then I cleaned the cup by filling it with some hot water, dish washing soap and pressed the button to spin the solution. This is actually the best way to clean this cup. You DON’T want to submerse the cup in water or wash it in a dishwasher. Even though the lid on the bottom appears to be snug, water can seep in.

The Whirl Wind Cup is a fun little doohicky that doesn’t really do anything that you can’t already do yourself with a spoon. But, it is one of those products that will give your gadgeteer reputation a few more points. And who among us, wouldn’t like that? ;o)


Product Information

Manufacturer:Brando Gadget
  • Mixes thoroughly and quickly
  • Great for beating an egg
  • Fun
  • Can not immerse in water or wash in a dishwasher

9 thoughts on “Gadget Brando Whirl Wind Cup”

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  2. Great review as always Julie. You guys should be winning the Bloggie awards because you do such great in-depth reviews. But then WE would have to vote for you, and I didn’t remember those votes were going on. We need to be better. Maybe next year.

    Umm…small error in the Con section:
    “Can immerse in water or wash in a dishwasher” should be:
    Can NOT immerse in water or wash in a dishwasher

    It’s clear in the main text. I know, I should get a life, this is how I procrastinate.

  3. NIce review But as always I cant watch the Video. but that is ok because i can watch the company video.
    also how long till the bateries die.
    what happens when the batteries are going dead.

  4. The video is encoded in the H.264 codec. You need the latest version of Quicktime to view the video. If you don’t want to install iTunes to get QuickTime, VLC ( will work too. It’s a free viewer.

    I didn’t try to run the batteries down. I’ve used the cup for several days and it’s still going strong. I assume that as the batteries get low, that the rotor will just spin slower.

  5. I got this for an early Christmas Gift. I love it. I always shave a little Cinnamon into my mug and it eventually settles to the bottom when I am having a busy day. One push of the button saves the day. Day one…. I have placed my favorite mug away for this gem. This more powerful than it looks!!

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