My Light LED Clip Light

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There are some days when I can’t help but wonder why so many
companies are intent on reinventing the paperclip. Okay, not
exactly the paperclip in this example, but the clip

In just the last couple of years, I have seen and reviewed
lights with gator clips, lights that clip on hats, lights that have
removable clips and lights with clips and stretchy goose necks.
Some of these clip lights have been better quality or more cleverly
made than others, but they have all served basically the same
purpose – they clip on something and shine a light.

That’s why I’ll forgive any of our readers who groaned when they
saw the title of this review, as they thought to themselves “not
another clip light review!
” Because yes, that is exactly what I
will be talking about today; but bear with me. I agreed to do this
review because I felt that this particular clip light had a
little something extra, that it wasn’t just another
incarnation of an already done and overly played-out design.

So without any further ado, I present to you the My Light LED Clip

The My Light Clip Light is available in Blue Midnight, Pink
Popsicle, Purple Passion, Green Clovers, Clear Crystal and Charcoal
Gray; I was send the blue and pink versions.

I think that the following pictures of the blue version should
show that the approximately 4″ long x 2″ wide light is quite a bit
more substantial than some of the clip lights I have reviewed in
the past, and it is also more attractive.

my light clip light1

The My Light weighs 1.7 ounces, and it is composed of two main
parts: the rotating ball which comprises the flashlight head, and
the adjustable clip body. The flashlight head is a 1.5″ sphere
containing two user replaceable 3V 2032 disk batteries and two
sealed white 8000mcd LEDs.

my light clip light5

The rear of the sphere opens to allow access to the battery
compartment, and a rubber gasket adds some level of water
resistance to the threaded plastic pieces. The My Light website
says that the light is submergible, and I verified this to be true.
Battery life is given as approximately 40 hours with two fresh

my light clip light13

The Clip Light is turned on or off by pressing the rubber sealed
button on the rear of the head.

my light clip light4

When the sphere is slipped into the tension forks which hold it
to the clip’s body, it can be rotated in any direction without
slipping from the fork’s grip. The tension forks are wide enough
that even though the light’s head is easily removed, it shouldn’t
be easy to unintentionally dislodge.

my light clip light6

At the base of the tension fork on the clip’s neck, there is a
ball joint which allows the neck to be aimed forward or backwards,
up to a 180º angle total.

my light clip light2

my light clip light12

The ball joint also allows the neck to be turned 360º, allowing for light placement exactly where it
is needed.

my light clip light3

my light clip light10

my light clip light11

The clip portion of the light is a substantial improvement over
any I’ve seen. Its jaws open a w-i-d-e 1.25″ allowing the clip to
clamp down on supports of many different thicknesses. The
non-marking rubber pads inside the clip also adjust to allow for
the best grip possible.

my light clip light7
my lig8

The glow produced by the two white LEDs is bright enough for
comfortable reading in a darkened room. It would be a great light
for reading in the backseat of a car, as it is bright enough for
the reader but would not be distracting to the driver. The light is
also bright enough to casting a safe beam when walking on a dark

my light clip light9

Even though at first the My Light Clip Light might be seen as
“yet another clip light,” it is a better version than usual. The My
Light is more ruggedly made, more attractive, more adjustable and
more substantial than those I have reviewed in the past. It has
also won my 16 year old daughter’s seal of approval. When she saw
the light, her first words were “Ooooh, I get that when you are

Luckily I have two… ;0)


Product Information

  • Two 3V 2032 disk batteries (included)
  • Rugged design
  • Infinitely aimable
  • Wide clip accepts up to 1.25" mounting surface
  • Two long-life white LEDs
  • None

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