Gadget Brando 5 LED Cap Light

Not long ago I reviewed the
Gadget Brando 3 LED Clip-On Flashlight
which could be attached
to the brim of a ball cap. While that was a good idea and a handy
product, today’s review item takes the same general idea and runs
with it. So without further ado, I present the Gadget Brando
5 LED Cap Light
, an approximately 3.5″ long x 2″ wide x 0.5″
deep five LED bar which clips to the underside of a cap’s brim.

gadget brando 5 led cap light1

Two Lithium CR2032 cells are included, and once installed the
light bar will be powered on or off by pressing the small button to
the left of the battery compartment.

gadget brando 5 led cap light2

When turned on, the five LEDs glow with an extremely bright
white light. It is enough to illuminate a safe walking path in
front of the wearer, or to put a spotlight on whatever project the
wearer is working.

gadget brando 5 led cap light3

Attaching the light bar to the brim of a cap is accomplished by
sliding the two plastic clips over the bill’s edge.

gadget brando 5 led cap light4

Once installed, the light bar peeks from underneath. This is the
part of the review where I should mention that if you are the
finicky type that has to get your brim creased just so, then
this product may undo a little bit of what you have worked so hard
to achieve. However, the pay off is that for a slightly less
creased brim the user will get bright illumination for walking,
hiking, or working in a dark area.

gadget brando 5 led cap light5

Steve, my ever-patient model, shows that the 5-LED Cap Light
doesn’t add a ton of bulk to the wearer’s cap…

gadget brando 5 led cap light6

…and it can be a great way to work on things while shining a
light exactly where it is needed.

gadget brando 5 led cap light7

In fact, Steve said he could have really used this product back
when he was restoring Sarah’s Firebird

The Gadget Brando 5 LED Cap light is a clever solution for those
that need an extra hand when working alone. It’s not quite as
obvious as a full head lamp, and it is more powerful than a small
clip-on. As an added bonus, the clip on light can be removed and
held when a hand held flashlight is desired. I think it’s a pretty
clever idea.


Product Information

  • A ball cap with a brim
  • Instant lighting whereve one's head is pointed
  • Easy to attach
  • Easy to operate
  • Clever idea
  • May undo a much loved ball cap's bill crease

4 thoughts on “Gadget Brando 5 LED Cap Light”

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  2. Can’t say I like the battrey design choice. Would a single AAA [theoretically] fit inside this unit? button batteries are not known for being cheap.

    nice product though.


  3. onlinefleamarketnet

    Hello All;
    I was so impressed by the idea of this light that as soon as I saw them, I wanted one. With all the fantastic ideas for these which can be obvious and I am sure there will be some more post on those. I had a shocking advantage with mine tonight, the first night I owned it.
    I had been using a bulky 3 LED 1 Incandescent bulb Bushnell Head Lamp for walking my dog after dark in our rural area. I found that to be not only handy but it was good for safety reasons when traffic would pass.
    Tonight was my first time using this new Cap.Light with the 5 LEDs and as I was walking in my neighborhood at 11:00pm I was approached from behind by a SUV, 2 guys jumped out and were acting aggressively until I turned and looked the driver strait in the eyes. When he suddenly said Holy Sh** and jumped back into the SUV and they left.
    My point being, they were about to MUG me until the driver realized that I was able to blind him and have both hands free to defend myself.
    I feel now that this light may have not only paid for itself on it’s maiden voyage, but possibly saved my life.
    I am so impressed that I am looking for where I can aquire these wholesale to include them on my own web site.
    By the way, wearing this light on my cap , I do not even feel it there unlike the Bushnell headlamp which is so heavy I have to constantly adjust it and occassionally bump my head with it.
    Keet Hensley

  4. What is the actual working voltage of this unit. I have seen them in packages with (2) 3v button batteries and wondered if they ran on 3 or 6v. Thanks

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