ACM Wallets and Accessories

It has been over three years since I reviewed the
a handy gadget for people that don’t carry a conventional wallet, but that want
to keep their money and cards organized. Since then, new models have been introduced
which feature different colors and finishes, as well as a larger version which
can hold twice as many cards. The line has also been expanded to include useful
accessories for the various ACMs.

Today I am going to take a look at the new
Leather Case
which has been created to fit all of the six-card ACMs. When the Leather Case is
added to an ACM, the combination of the two creates a more conventionally styled
wallet. For this review, I’ll be testing the Leather Case on the
Silver Reserve 6
, which is a similar model to the original ACM previously reviewed. I’ll
also be checking out the
Silver Hybrid 12
, one of the newer larger capacity models.

So let’s get started!

The Silver
Reserve 6 Card
is touted as ACM’s "most popular model." Composed of a
brushed silver metallic front which can be engraved, the Silver Reserve has a
plastic back that has been coated with a rubberized polymer. This ACM measures
4.05" long x 2.6" wide x 0.8" at its thickest point, and it weighs 2.8 ounces
with six cards installed. The 6 Card ACM feels very solid, and it does not creak
or flex when squeezed and torqued.

There are six buttons on the ACM’s face which designate various types of
cards the ACM might contain.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card10

Each button has a  removable art tile which may be swapped with those
included on the red instruction card.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card14

In this manner, the ACM can be personalized to directly reflect the cards
carried by each individual owner.
6 Button
Replacement Cards
may be purchased for $6.95.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card21

The custom cut
Leather Case
fits perfectly over the 6 Card ACM. covering and protecting it
in smooth black lambskin. A 2" long x 1" tall cutout allows the unfettered
operation of the ACM’s sliding buttons.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card15

The Leather Wallet stops right at the ACM’s edge, so there is no over-hang to
interfere with card access.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card20

Cards should be carefully inserted so that they are on corresponding rails,
meaning ‘straight" and not "cock-eyed". Cards with any warping should be gently
flexed in the opposite direction to correct the warping. When cards are
inserted, there will be enough tension holding them in place that they will not
easily fall out of the ACM, however it might be possible that in a severe fall
the cards might become dislodged.

When a button is pushed forward, the corresponding card will eject. After the
card is used, it should be replaced in it’s open slot.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card19

The back side of the wallet has a flap which is held in place by two
non-magnetic snaps.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card16

When opened, there is one secure pocket for an ID or credit card…

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card17

…as well as a slash pocket which can hold folded bills.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card18

The Leather Wallet is a nice accessory for those that want a slightly more
traditional wallet appearance for their non-traditional ACM. The Silver Reserve
6 Card ACM is priced at $39.99, and the separately sold Leather Wallet is
$29.99. Even with the Leather Wallet installed, the 6 Card ACM should
comfortably fit in the front or rear pocket of looser-fitting jeans, khakis and
dress pants.

For those that are not interested in covering their ACM with lambskin, but
that still need some additional storage room, there is also an optional
Business Card
which fits into the slots on either side of all 6 Card ACMs. This
modified black plastic clip is also coated with the same rubberized polymer
found on the back of the ACM, and it has been reinforced for long-term use by
the addition of a metal support on its underside.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card13

When installed, the Business Card Clip allows the ACM to neatly carry money,
a small stack of business cards, receipts and other paper items.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card11

There is a lip on the clip’s rear end which keeps stacked items from

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card12

The Business Card Clip is an additional $14.95.

Perhaps the most interesting additions to the ACM line are the new 12 Card
wallets. These are also available in a variety of finishes and colors. I was
sent the Silver
Hybrid 12 Card
, which is a portly adaptation of the more svelte original
ACM. The Silver Hybrid 12 Card is composed of a brushed silver metallic front
which can be engraved and a plastic back which has been coated with a rubberized

The buttons on the 12 Card are slightly different than the 6 Card ACMs,
because they show a color as well as a card type. That is because each of the
six buttons is dual purpose, each designates two cards that will be
ejected when the button is pressed forward.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card1

Measuring 4.5" long x 2.6" wide x 1.5" at its thickest point, the 12 Card ACM
weighs 4.9 ounces. It is not exactly pocketable, so would be best used by those
carrying a purse, gear bag or brief case. This ACM feels very solid, and it does
not creak or flex at all when squeezed and torqued.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card2

Obvious by its name, there are twelve card slots on this model versus the six
slots on its predecessor. Those that are counting will notice that only eleven
cards are actually present here. That is because the red card containing the
extra rubberized tiles takes up two slots.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card3

Once again, there are tiles which may be swapped with those installed to
designate the exact type card the owner is carrying. However, in this case one
card must be designated by an icon and one buy a color bar.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card9

When one of the dual purpose buttons is pressed forward, the two designated
cards will eject at a staggered rate for easy choice and retrieval. If the card
on the bottom is wanted, it can simply be pulled out. If it is the card on top
that is needed, I have found that pushing the bottom card back into it’s secure
position makes for easier retrieval.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card4

The back of the 12 Card has a removable metal-reinforced clip…

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card5

…which locks into the slots on each side of the ACM’s case.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card8

This clip does a good job of holding one or two business cards,  as well
as folded money and receipts.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card6

In this case, it is holding the device’s printed instructions.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card7

The Silver Hybrid 12 Card wallet is priced at $59.95.

All ACM Wallets come with a 5.25" tall x 4" wide leatherette pouch.

acm wallet silver hybrid 12card22

All ACM Wallets come with a
one year limited
against mechanical defects.

All of the different models of the Auto Card Manager and their accessories
can be purchased directly from their
website, as
well as from other retailers.


Product Information

  • Six to twelve ID, credit or other similarly sized cards.
  • Almost instant organization for those that need it
  • Customizable buttons
  • Durable and solid construction
  • Expensive

10 thoughts on “ACM Wallets and Accessories”

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  2. I just found out about this product and thought it was amazing. I did some research on the product, looked online, and asked myself what were my needs in term of wallet related issues.

    Most reviews about this product are good, and I must say most are from women using the AMC Wallet in their purse, or from women that gave this product as a gift to others.

    It seems to be holding the cards fairly well. The thing is, I looked for specifications about the 6 cards model, and it’s almost the same length and width as my wallet, the difference is mine is twice the size, which is 1,2inch. I then started asking myself which 6 cards I would put in there… I have 3 credit cards, 1 ATM, driver licence + insurance cards, health care ID, Club video card, swimming pool card, gym card, gas station and costco card. There is no way I can only carry 6 cards for I have more than 6 important cards. Beside I have important papers in there, a miniature pen and a spair car key. The AMC Wallet is NOT designed for a male adult. My wallet is fairly small compared to people I know and it would be impossible to trim, to limit myself my usable cards to 6.

    Not to mention the AMC wallet seems bulky, mechanism could break, money bills can get damaged. As for the ”fact” it reduces the waiting time while in a line and waiting to pay…I simply get my wallet, open it, I either take bills or my debit card which is on top. I don’t see how another wallet could make me save any time there, not even a micro second.

    You should shop for a good leather wallet, not too big, and not too small, with many secured slots for cards( you don’t want them to fall), and extra room for storage. It could even be more expensive than the AMC wallet, BUT you would be sure to have something of quality that will last.


  4. Helder Araujo

    This is a great product, you will not be disapointed; I’ve had mine since 2006 when I saw an add in Maxim Magazine and I still have the same wallet working properly. It’s great and will upgrade to a 12 card wallet soon to meet more my needs. Trust me, well worth it. Solid product!

  5. I received your “6 card” holder for Christmas a few years ago thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law. I am the worst organized person “of all times” and you have no idea how much your product has helped me as well as being a wonderful conversation piece. Yep….it’s just as good as a dating service…And it’s already paid for. Thank you for this wonderful creation!

  6. I wish that the company would put a metal back on the wallet so it would provide a shield from crooks who steal info on a charge card by just walking by one with an electronic reader. ID theft is at an all time high and it is needed.

  7. I have had my 6 card holder for well over several years now and apart from a few chips and flakes on the surface, it performs like brand new !!! Cards still slide out nice and smooth just like they did the very first day I used it. These things are built tough and stand the test of time. The ACM has to be the best “gadget” I have ever purchased.

  8. The last time I bought one of these…..about 8 years ago… cost about $15.00. Mine fell out of my pocket on my motorcycle and broke and now they want $39.95 for one! WTF?

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