Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-10-11

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One of the upcoming items in my queue is the brand new
CALIBRE Radar & Laser Protection System, which I’ll be putting through all
sorts of rigorous testing in the upcoming weeks. I’ve always used portable
radar detectors, but this will be the first installed system that I have
tried. What makes the CALIBRE different from others I have read about is that it
uses dual radar receivers and a Laser Defuser which communicate with the
interior network module via Bluetooth. These boxes, which have been positioned
in strategic positions on the automobile’s body, would traditionally be
connected through a virtual snake of wires passing through a hole drilled in the
car’s firewall.

Not having an obvious radar detector hanging from my front windshield sounds
really attractive to me, because in the back of my mind I can’t help but feel
self conscious every time I pass a trooper and I know he saw it – even if
I wasn’t speeding! It’s my guilty conscious talking maybe. Stealthy flashing
LEDs in the dash as well as a verbal reminder to slow down will be a different
experience entirely.

I am looking forward to finding out how well the CALIBRE performs, as well as
finding out if relying on Bluetooth in such a demanding situation is smart idea
or not. I’ll have much more to say later, as it should be installed this week.

In other news,
I managed to snag a
PPC-6700 – but I had to get it off of eBay. I paid a little bit of a
premium, but that is the cost of being impatient I guess. Hopefully I’ll have it
in the next couple of days…


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