Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-10-07

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Would someone care to try explaining to me why the phone that I use every
day, the phone that has a big glossy section of black plastic on its front, the
phone which gets shoved in my bag, pocket, or the cup-holder in my car has no
scratches whatsoever – while the brand new black plastic iPod that I have
had for two days, and which has been kept wrapped in plastic until last
night, has a series of scratches up and down it’s front?! We won’t even discuss
the smudges on the chrome rear. <shakes head in disgust>

I do have a

black and red iVod DJ case
coming from
Vaja, thank goodness.

Maybe that will keep deep gashes from appearing. Ah well, I guess I can
consider it broken in now. :0P

I’ve been trying out a new game from
Ultimate Bowling Fighter
. What’s funny is I am not any better of a bowler in
this game than I am in real life! Usually the opposite is true, like when I play
gambling-style games on my Pocket PC, I always amass millions, whereas I
don’t last 20 minutes on a slot machine in Vegas.

In this bowling game, it’s like they figured out my skill level (or lack
thereof) and didn’t give me any kind of virtual handicap. But, I guess it leaves
me plenty of room for improvement. Ultimate Bowling Fighter is a cute game –
there are four characters to choose from, and the animations are entertaining.
It’s out for Palm & Pocket PC, so see what you think of it.

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