Tomy Microaqua Dory Edition Aquarium Review

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Product Requirements:
Either distilled water or water that has been cooked
the allowed to return to room temperature, a drop of liquid dish soap, one AA

How are you with live fish? I wish that I could say I have a thriving
aquarium tucked into a corner of my house, but that would be a big fat lie. The
fact of the matter is that I kill fish. I either get their aquarium chemicals
improperly balanced or I overfeed them. I may do all right with fish for a month
or two, but then something will always go wrong and in the end they will die.
Once again, I will vow that never again will I waste money on such an impossible

The bad news is that this isn’t a review on a product that will allow people
like me to keep live aquariums. The good news is that it is the next best thing
– a little aquarium that people like me can tuck over to the side of their
desks, watching as the "fish" inside caper about, with no fear of their immanent
deaths. I present to you, the Tomy Microaqua Dory Edition Aquarium. I’m not sure
exactly why it isn’t called the Finding Nemo edition, since it is based on
characters from the movie,
but Dory it is.


Included in the packaging are little Nemo, his father Marlin, and their
friend Dory.

The tank is miniscule, measuring approximately 3.75" wide x 3.25" tall and 2"
deep at its widest points. For those of you that collect Disney items, you’ll be
happy to know that this is a licensed product.

The aquarium comes with scenery installed – all that’s missing it the little
treasure chest that bobs open and shut.

Most of the behind the scenes action will occur in the aquarium lid. This is
where a tiny screw holds the AA battery (not-included) compartment closed, as
well as three 3 LR44 batteries (included).

You’ll note the black wheel on the bottom left. That’s what turns the handle
connected to the  paddlewheel that’s hidden in the blue rocks. This is how
the bubbles are created. Setting up the aquarium is easy, but make sure you do
this if you want the fish to happily float upright – don’t forget the drop of
liquid dish detergent; it doesn’t work, I tried it. If you leave off this step,
then the fish will float around on their sides – looking as dead as can be. A
clear plastic plug is included to close off the large opening in the top of the


You’ll notice that there is a small hole in the top corner of the aquarium.
This is so that you can empty the water without losing the fish, should the
aquarium ever get "funky". Wouldn’t it be great if real aquariums were so easy
to clean?

Once the fish, cooked / cooled water and the drop of liquid detergent are in
the aquarium, line the black wheels on the lid and the tank with each other and
the setup is complete.


To turn the "water pump" on, the button on the top right of the aquarium must
be pushed. To turn on the blue light, use the on / off switch. A soft whirring
will be heard when the water pump is running.

The fish are blurry because they are moving!

As far as Disney collectibles go. I am not sure that the Tomy Microaqua
Aquarium will appreciate over the years. However, it is a cute addition to a
desk corner or a small shelf in a place where no fish can survive – a home like

The Tomy Microaqua Dory Edition
is available at Nano RC and
other retailers.

Price: $29

Easy to set up
No live fish to kill



Product Information

  • Cute
  • Easy to set up
  • No live fish to kill
  • Expensive

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