Turnable Calendar Clock Review

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Product Requirements:
Two AAA batteries (included)

While I was recently perusing the Watch
site, I came across an interesting gadget, the

Turnable Calendar Clock
. This 2.75" tall x 2.75" wide x 1" thick translucent
colored block includes the day and date, the time, an alarm, a room temperature
meter, a countdown timer and a stopwatch. It even comes in my favorite color
green, as well as blue and red. I figured I had better give this thing a try…

Included in the package were a starter set of two AAA batteries, instructions
and the Calendar Clock. The back contains the battery slot as well as the set
and adjust buttons.

What makes this little gizmo unique is that when it is flipped it will
display the property described by the heading at the top of the frame. Here you
can see that I have it turned to the Calendar mode. This is where the year,
month and date, time and day of the week are displayed. Setting these features
is accomplished by pushing the set button on the rear and pressing the
button until the correct unit is displayed.

Pressing the adjust button when the clock is in calendar mode will
turn the alarm on or off.

Rotating the clock in any direction produces a "bong" sound, and the display
changes to show the feature under the newly rotated heading.

Here you can see the Countdown function, which is what I usually think of as
a timer. It can keep track of either seconds or minutes, pressing the set
button makes that change. The adjust button is where you can add
increments of time – up to either 99 seconds or 99 minutes. Tilting the gadget
to its side seemed to set the number and stop it from blinking, turning it back
to the countdown feature began the actual counting down. If you are in the
minute mode, seconds will display once the last minute begins to tick. When the
alarm went off, it was in sets of three rapid "bongs". Rotating to a different
screen ended the alarm. An interesting feature was that the countdown
"remembered" the last set time increment, so tilting back to the countdown
screen began the same countdown once again. This could be quite handy if you are
timing the same increment repeatedly.

The Timer function is similar to a stopwatch feature. When the gadget is
rotated to this screen the counter will add increments of time by the second, up
to 99:59 minutes. While the gadget is rotated to timer mode, you can press the
set button to choose from a variety of aggravating tunes and alarms. While I was
testing them out, Steve found them so annoying and loud that he
actually had to leave the room…which is something to consider if you have
difficulty waking up to a traditional alarm clock.

Temperature is self explanatory, and it can be changed from Celsius to
Fahrenheit  with a press of the set button.

The Turnable Calendar Clock is a pretty cool gadget for those that want an
all in one item for their desktop. If kept by the bed, it could make a decent
alarm clock. In fact,  I defy anyone to sleep through the beeps, but especially the music
– it is that annoying – which in this case is a good thing. The Turnable Calendar
Clock would make a great travel clock, if there were a way to put it in
sleep mode. I am afraid that if airport security heard all of the beeps it
makes, your luggage would be fair game for a search party…


Turnable Calendar Clock
is available from
Watch Brando.

Price: $13
Available in blue, red and green

Many functions in a compact item
Alarms are loud and annoying

No sleep mode for travel


Product Information

  • Many functions in a compact item
  • Alarms are loud and annoying
  • No sleep mode for travel

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