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Name: Roeland Krul
Location: The Netherlands

After having seen some past "featured Gadgeteers" the feeling "Hey, I can do better than that!" really creapt up to me :o) My name is Roeland Krul and I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Years ago, in the spring of 1999, I saw a friend of mine play around with some el-cheapo organizer, and figured I wanted one as well, but a SERIOUS one. To cut a not-so-long- story even shorter, a week after that I was the happy owner of a Psion 3mx. WOW! After about half a year I had already decide that the Three was a little too small for me, and quickly I purchased a 5mx. From then on, I had mobile Internet and email, and all my friends were like WOW! Then in April 2000 I started experimenting with Palm OS, bought my first IIIx and discovered that Palm OS was cool too. WOW! In due course I became heavily involved in user associations like and and my gadget-fever expanded to MP3-players, digital cameras and any other devices with a geek-factor such as my ring with built-in bottle-opener. Today the collection consists of:
MP3: Frontier Labs Nex IIe
Cam: Canon A40
Mobile: Nokia 1611, Nokia 6150, Nokia 7650, Nokia 9210, Philips Diga
PDA: Psion Siena, 5mx (plus one for spare parts), Palm IIIx, Sony Clié SL10
Plus several cases, memory cards, readers and the like 🙂

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