Please join me in wishing Julie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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30 thoughts on “Please join me in wishing Julie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”

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  2. Happy Birthday Julie! I hope you are transported to Hogwarts on the 4th and find your travel there delightful.

    Thank you for all you do for us Gadget folk out in the vast technological waste-land. Your reviews and spotlight on new gadgets have helped me make decisions to feed my gadget jones! – Matt

  3. Matt, you beat me to it! I was going to start a new discussion thread to wish Julie a Happy Birthday on the 4th. But instead, I’ll link to this thread when I post the traditional front page blurb.

    In any case – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES!!!

    Judie :0D


    Happy happy birthday, we’re so glad you came
    Happy happy birthday from the Ryan’s gang HEY!
    We’re so excited, we hope that you are too
    So happy happy birthday from the Ryan’s crew HEY!

    If they have Ryan’s down in TX, you should go!

  5. It’s too funny that you did that birthday song as if from a restaraunt.

    I booked us for dinner at Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse tomorrow night, and Julie heard me mention that it was “for a birthday” with her name. I actually had to call them back and tell them “no singing” after she had a minor fit. :p 😉

  6. I remember when I was a young (er) kid, I would love for them to sing the song to me. Now, I get embarrased. How times have changed.

    I love Ichiban, we have one here in my town. I love how the food is prepared as you watch.

  7. Servus Julie!

    As we say here in Germany…

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

    I wish you peace and happiness all your days.


  8. Hey! It’s my mom’s birthday too! Dang!

    Happy Birthday to you!
    You’re our gadget guru!
    Happy Birthday, Dear Julie
    We all adore you!



  9. happy birthday to you!
    you live in a zoo!
    you look like a monkey!
    and peeuuu!
    you smell like one too!

    happy birthday!! 🙂

  10. ….hmmm, for my last birthday I had the person behind the register at McDonalds sing me Happy Birthday :wow:

    The Dreamer.

  11. How could I not pass this up?

    Happy birthday, Julie! 😀

    May you find all the gadgets you wish for at a good price. 😉


    Hey, uhh, Julie if you by any chance get any cool gadgets that you don’t want or need just, uh, let me know and I’ll find a good “home” for them. Mine!


    As for a corny birthday song, here is one from a local restuarant here in Tucson, AZ;

    “This is your birthday song, it’s not very long. Happy Birthday.”

  13. Well here is how last night went:

    We had a delicious meal – and near the end, a lone elderly Japanese gentleman came out. He told Julie Happy Birthday, then he proceded to sing to her in Japanese! 😎

    I kept waiting for her to get up and leave – but she didn’t. I guess it was “different” enough that it was okay. 😉

    She even smiled when they put the corny chef’s hat on her head for our group poloroid picture. I threatened to scan the picture and post here, but she has it hidden somewhere… 😉

  14. T1000X:

    No gadgets yet, but I’m anxious to see what is waiting for me when I get home. Quite a few new review items I’m hoping 🙂

  15. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays from Central Africa.
    Feliz cumpleanos
    Joyeux anniversaire

    Keep gadgeting

  16. Sorry I missed it so here’s my happy belated dance…… 😎

    I can understand about the restaurant singing. The husband and I have an agreement. He won’t embarass me and I won’t embarass him cause pay backs could really be heck…..


  17. I ‘thought’ a certain supposed best friend (who shall remain nameless) and I had that exact same agreement, but nooooooooooo… 😉

  18. Are you trying to make me cry? 😉

    I was just thinking of the picture that they take (with you wearing the goofy chef hat) when I told them it was your birthday…I totally forgot the guy would sing to you. :p

    I still think you should post that pic. 😀

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