Proporta Tungsten T3 Crystal Case Review

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Product Requirements:
PalmOne Tungsten T3

6/16/04 See updates in red below

For the most part, I have used an aluminum hard case with all of my handhelds but I am always looking for something different to try. I bounce around the U.S. regularly and when I’m not doing that I’m out in the field. Protection and back-pocketability are key factors for me in a case. When I saw the Crystal Case by Proporta, I thought the ability to view the screen while closed and the flip top would be worth trying.

proporta t3 cc1 proporta t3 cc2

The Proporta Crystal Case is constructed of a scratch resistant polycarbonate plastic which has not gotten a scratch yet. Although, I do not keep the T3 and case in the same pocket as my keys. The T3 clicks into the case, the sides of the case hug the PDA, and pegs on the back of the case further hold it in place.

proporta t3 cc3 proporta t3 cc4

The slider mechanism is very easy to use while in the case. The reset button can be easily accessed as well.

proporta t3 cc5 proporta t3 cc6

The cover that protects the screen can be flipped open 135 degrees. The hinge is strong and durable… I was able to bend the cover to 180 degrees with no ill affect. The flip cover stays shut once clicked into place.

proporta t3 cc7 proporta t3 cc8

proporta t3 cc9 proporta t3 cc10

All the key elements are accessible. The controls, power, and voice recorder buttons, secure digital card, and stylus are all accessible with the case closed (when the case is flipped open the stylus can’t be taken out).

proporta t3 cc11

The best feature of the Crystal Case is the ability to view the screen with the cover shut. My son enjoys watching his shows on my T3 and points out important moments/things and touches the screen (sometimes too hard). This case allows him to do that with the screen completely protected…

A con for some users is that you can’t put the T3 in the cradle while it is in the case. However, you can use the travel charger/sync cable while in the case.

This case would not save your T3 from a substantial drop but will protect it from bumps, minor falls, and scratches.

You actually CAN hotsync while the T3 is in the Proporta Crystal Case if you open the slider.

proporta t3 cc12

Price: $23.95


Decent protection
Perfect fit
‘Fit-like-a-glove’ form-factor
Can see the screen with case closed
Controls accessible at all times
Price is very reasonable


Not ‘back-pocketable’
Can’t hotsync while in the case
PDA isn’t completely encased


Product Information

  • Decent protection
  • Perfect fit
  • 'Fit-like-a-glove' form-factor
  • Can see the screen with case closed
  • Controls accessible at all times
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Not 'back-pocketable'
  • Can't hotsync while in the case
  • PDA isn't completely encased

11 thoughts on “Proporta Tungsten T3 Crystal Case Review”

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  2. A great review with a lot of great and helpful pictures.

    One correction: it is possible to sync the T3 in the cradle in this case. You just have to pull open the slider first.

  3. Originally posted by jiraffe
    Thanks for the review. What does “Not ‘back-pocketable'” mean?

    Most likely a reference to not being crush resistant. You could have your PDA in your back pocket in a metal case, and probably sit on it without damage. This case would probably crack or allow damage to the PDA if you sat on it.

  4. Pity it came out so late in the life of the T3. Looks like it has all the features that make it a best seller.


    When the T4 is just about to come out (my own unsubstantiated belief), why invest in a case that will be redundant shortly? It will surely not fit the T4 and as I’m a compulsive upgrader, I don’t think I will buy one just to have it sit on the shelf after a few months.

    Even so, I’m tempted…

  5. Hello All,

    I just wanted to make a correction on my review. You CAN hotsync while the T3 is in the Proporta Crystal Case. Sorry for the error.

    Dave Rees

  6. Have you tried dropping it to see what effect it has on the case? In other words, have you tested Proporta’s claim that it is:

    – shatterproof
    – shock absorbent

    Also, since you can open it to sync, is it safe to assume the DIA / virtual graffiti area is also exposed as well in that position, allowing one to enter chars with the cover down?

  7. Just thought I would let you know that my case broke today. The two pegs on the back that hook into the holes on the back of the t3 broke off today.

    I think this is because I started taking it out of the case every night to charge it, as I found that the bottom of my T3 had cracked near the sync port, and suspected the syncing in the case.

    Well it was a good case while it lasted. Now I just have to find either my rhino skin hard case (free when I purchased the T3), or the included flip cover.

    All in all it lasted about 9 months.

  8. For those who want an aluminum hard case for their T3:
    OfficeMax has a Fellowes aluminum case for a T3 on clearance right now for $3. Get ’em while they last.

  9. Like I said, I have the RhinoSkin case, so I just started using it (I remember what I don’t like about it, 1 it’s heavy, 2 its bulky). But it is free, so I don’t need to be buying anything else. 🙂

    I will go check that out though.

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