Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-05-03

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It's a good thing that the official version of Fish Tycoon by LDW Software has finally been announced and released. I was one of the beta testers, and I have got to tell you that
I was getting pretty frustrated with it. Why? Because it seemed like every time
that I would advance – earning money, discovering “magic” fish and creating expensive breeds that I could sell to buy things that I needed,
I would get an email telling me to download the latest version…which would negate all of my research to that point!
This game is very involving and very rewarding. You get a true sense of accomplishment as you advance – and since it is played in real time, it takes a while before things
really start happening. Once they do – it gets interesting fast. If you have an
entrepreneurial spirit and you feel like being a bit of a geneticist, then you should check
out Fish Tycoon.
Even though you will still be able to do other things – like your day job –  while it
continues on in the background, don't be surprised if you find yourself becoming a bit obsessed with
checking to see how your fish are doing. Don't say I didn't warn you…

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