Julie’s Gear Diary – 2004-04-15

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Progress with the big switch-a-roo (AKA my PC to Mac odyssey):

I received the Powerbook Tuesday night and only had enough time to unpack it, turn it on, register with the .Mac service, hook up to my home network via WiFi, and pull down all the automatic software updates from Apple.

I had googled around earlier that day for solutions that would help me move my email from Outlook on my PC to the Mac. In my search I came across a $10 program called appropriately enough: Outlook2Mac from a company called Little Machines. Later in the day I received an email from a Mac user that had also used this program, so I plunked down my $$'s and gave it a try. The program runs on your PC and displays the Outlook folder hierarchy. You then pick which folders that you want to convert, if you want to also convert attachments, and if you want to convert all messages, or only those in a specific date range. I wanted everything, so I checked all the little boxes and let it run. It took awhile as I had over 15,000 emails. Yikes! Can you say pack rat?!

So last night, I easily mounted my PC's C:\ drive on the Mac, imported all the emails (Outlook2Mac created .mbox files for each folder) into Apple's default email program called Mail. I was a little disappointed when it finished as it created a folder called Import where it placed all of the imported folders. The problem is that it did not keep my hierarchy. Instead it named the folders with names like Personal_Saved_Gadgeteer_Reviews, Personal_Saved_Gadgeteer_Reviews_CLIETH55, etc. Looks like I have a lot of renaming, folder creating, and moving to do tonight. Yuck!

My goal for tonight is to copy over my MP3 collection, image collection and website files tonight. So far, so good!

Keep the advice and tips coming folks!

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