Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-01-22

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Here is a product that you Palm OS users might like to take a look at: Hide 'Em by Andreas Schönfeld.
If you have icons for applications that are cluttering your launcher, perhaps because you have assigned that application to a hard button, then this is the product for you. Hide 'Em helps you tidy up your Palm's desktop, but you can still launch hidden apps by tapping their icon from within the Hide 'Em program, itself.
The only feature I would like to see added to this program would be a way to hide the ROM applications, too. I am tired of having to tuck away such useless yet undeleteable programs as “Welcome” in my System folder. It would be cool if I could just make it disappear. There is even a French version for ceux-là de vous qui parle français.

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