Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-01-13

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Two things I need to rant about tonight…

1. If you are going to write me and make like a satisfied customer that is recommending a product you have tried and liked, then don't put a physical address at the bottom of your email that matches the physical address of the company you are recommending! Furthermore, don't make up a lie about it when I call you on it! GAH! Even though I am generally trusting, I do notice things like that!

2. Can you think of a single company, much less a PDA manufacturer, that has ever promised to upgrade whatever item you bought to the next best thing if the next best thing came out during the first year you owned the product? As wonderful as that fantasy is, wouldn't the very idea be contrary to the foundation of dissatisfaction and “keeping up with the Jones's” that manufacturers have to perpetuate to stay in the black? Read this thread and chime in with your thoughts…

Okay, I feel better now. ;0)

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