Julie’s Gear Diary – 2003-11-08

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One of the reasons why I moved back to the HP2215 Pocket PC from my Palm TungstenT was for better the video capabilities that a Pocket PC provides. I love watching animations and short films on my PDA. Besides the fact that they are just fun to watch, they are also great demonstration fodder for people that have never seen what a PDA can do.

One of the best sites to visit for MPEG-1 content is PocketMovies.net. They have a large selection of free downloads and a good discussion forum. One of my favorite 3D animation short films is one called Bert (click the link below). I actually got a little misty the first time I ever watched it. What can I say, I'm a big sap ;o)

How many of you out there also enjoy watching content on your PDAs? Do you just use the built in Media Player like I do to view the files, or do you prefer something else? What are some of your favorite short movies and web sites to download content?

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