UPstrap – Non-Slip Replacement Shoulder Straps Review

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One of my biggest peeves when hauling gear is the cheesy strap that so many
manufacturers will include with an otherwise well made electronic product or
bag. It is almost as if the shoulder- strap is an afterthought.

Of course, if you are only carrying a single bag for a short distance, then
you might not be concerned if its strap digs into your shoulder or tries to
slide off once or twice. But what if you are schlepping several expensive
cameras and a bag carrying your laptop computer and several other expensive
gadgets? What if your job or hobby requires you to do this on a regular basis
for extended periods of time? If that is the case, then it would be in your best
interest to replace the manufacturer’s inferior shoulder straps with a product
that will be more comfortable and that will also stay put.

Al Stegmeyer, the
inventor of the UPstrap, was a photographer
that was "desperate to keep his cameras and bags from slipping off his
." His original invention, the first generation UPstrap, was "a
piece of bike tube glued to a slippery but beautiful camera strap

Since the original version, five years of development and improvements have
gone into the final product. There are now three different styles available.
Each model features a flexible rubber shoulder pad which appears to be molded
around a heavy duty nylon strap. The shoulder pad has small circular "grippy
nubs" all over its front and back sides. The pads are thick and substantial. The
black nylon straps are adjustable, and they end with the appropriate attachments
for the type of electronics/bags they were made to support.

Picture courtesy of UPstrap website

Without any further ado, lets take a look at the three available styles…


This smaller model is best for digital and film cameras or camcorders and
binoculars that weigh under 2.25 pounds. The shoulder pad is 1" wide and can be
worn comfortable on the shoulder or slung around the neck. The strap itself is
almost 0.5" wide. The only caveat with this otherwise very comfortable
strap is that so many digital cameras these days only come with a single small
wrist lanyard hole – your camera will have to have two strap holes or slots in
order to use this improved strap. Unfortunately, my

is the type that only has the single small lanyard hole. I am hoping
that in the future a model might be made that takes these type cameras into

Picture courtesy of UPstrap website


This model is best for digital and film cameras or video cameras and spotting
scopes that weigh over over 2.25 pounds. This model is similar to the RF/DC, it
has the same size strap, but it uses a much wider shoulder pad – almost 1.75".
As with the previous model, it requires equipment with two strap holes or slots
for proper attachment. This is an ideal strap for those that are hauling
heavier/bulkier equipment – the type that seems to always want to slide right
off your shoulder.

Picture courtesy of UPstrap website


This model is for any laptop or camera bag that has two loops on either end.
It is made to comfortable support from 2.5 – 20 pounds without falling off your
shoulder. The pad on this model is the same size as the SLR, but the nylon strap
is much wider at 1". This is the perfect strap to use if you bought the ideal
gearbag, but the included strap was not up to snuff. In fact, I wish that this
strap had come with the RoadWired
bag I reviewed not long ago. That otherwise perfect bag comes with
an anemic strap which I have since replaced with this one. What a difference
the right strap can make!


Picture courtesy of UPstrap website

The UPstrap is a brilliant product for those who are sick and tired of having
to readjust their straps constantly. While no strap will make a heavy load
lighter, the UPstrap can at least make such a load more comfortable to carry. If
you have a lot of shoulder-strapped gear that needs lugging, then you should
take a look at this product.

Price: $29.95 each, or $75 for a

which includes one of each style
There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

Well made
Secure and comfortable
Excellent replacement for inferior equipment and bag straps



Product Information

  • Well made
  • Secure and comfortable
  • Excellent replacement for inferior equipment and bag straps
  • Expensive

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7 thoughts on “UPstrap – Non-Slip Replacement Shoulder Straps Review”

  1. Gadgeteer Comment Policy - Please read before commenting
  2. Good review of a subject that I thought wouldn’t be reviewable….

    By the way, I think I found the greatest Laptop Bag ever…the Firewall Laptop bag!

    So far the strap is functioning well, but I may take a look at this strap as a replacement if the EBags strap doesn’t pan out.

  3. Hmmm, my favorite laptop bag was the Lapdog….

    However, my present laptop is bigger than the case, so I’m in the market for a new case….

    I’m pretty happy with the strap that is on it….but I’m thinking of getting a new strap (to replace the original [horrible] thin strap) for my digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 5700).

    As for the new case I’m looking for….I thinking that I want something in a carry-on rollaround type case that has an ‘overnight’ main compartment (getting stuck in an airport once one winter was too often for me….I had lots of gadgets to keep me occupied though 8-)…..and preferrably a removeable laptop section….

    The Dreamer.

  4. Great review as always, time to stop lurking I guess

    If a single lanyard loop is enough to stop you, your not trying. :p

    Use a small key ring loop to make the conection between the ends of the strap and the camera. There are all sorts of options though, just have to keep an open mind. 😉

    Hope this helps. 😀

  5. Greenbrumby,

    The UPstrap actually comes with two tiny keyrings, one on the end of each strap.

    My camera only has one extremely small slot/hole, and I dare say there is not much chance I could even get one of those tiny rings through this hole.

    Poor design on my Olympus’s part, believe me – but otherwise a great camera. 😉

    Judie :0)

  6. An open letter to Upstrap. My opinion..

    Dear Upstrap,
    Perhaps you might want to add this to your testimonial page regarding model SG-QR-V strap which I purchased a few weeks ago. After all, you should include the negative as well as the positive.

    I have read nothing but raves from your testimonial page from notable photographers and others which led to my purchase.
    The Good. The strap is very well made, the loops are strong and the workmanship is top notch.

    I used the strap this past weekend in Washington DC. The weather was hot, and all I was wearing was a short sleeve shirt. While it is true that the strap did not slip from my shoulder it cut into it.

    The Bad. The strap pad is too narrow and it cuts into your shoulder and is very uncomfortable after wearing it for some time. I actually had to keep a rag under the strap to prevent the strap from cutting in and the pain. I have three other straps made by other companies and this is the worst one I own. I would not recommend this strap to anyone who is wearing a single shirt.

    Best Regards,

  7. I have an advanced copy of the SaverStrap. It’s a killer solution to my travel demands. I think it’s worth you looking into these guys.

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