Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-07-10

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Remember when I said that the next vehicle I bought would have an in-dash GPS system? Well, after reading all of the pros and cons our Gadgeteer readers were kind enough to post and after trying out the Destinator software in my iPAQ, I became convinced that mobile (and therefore – transferrable and portable) is the way to go. Thus, my recent vehicle purchase did not come with built-in GPS. I haven't missed it, tho. For the last week or so, I have been putting a Garmin StreetPilot III Deluxe GPS review unit though it's paces, and I can already tell that I will be sad when it has to go back. Look for that review in the next couple weeks.
Total change of subject: I have been looking for a program that did nothing other than record my daily weight (don't ask – I can be obsessive about stuff like that). I have found one that does just that – and a little bit more: Body Measure by Lee Kit Siang, of KitSiang PalmSoft. This program is a simple database that tracks the date, your weight, waist, chest, arm, hip, thigh and calf measurements. The database layout is similar to that of HanDBase, but it is a stand alone program. The only thing that would make me even happier with it would be if there were a way to graphically chart my weight and any fluctuations, but ah well… There may be a couple of you out there that say it would be possible to do the same database in HanDBase, so why pay this guy for his time? Well, this program is under $6, so I think it is reasonable. I am all for rewarding someone for their initiative, especially when it makes my life easier. This program is simple to use, does what I want, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Now, if you want to talk about unreasonable…[pulling out my soapbox…]
I was looking at the new programs at Palm Gear tonight, and I noticed that there was a new cattle tracking program available. Being a rancher by day (well, it's actually a 24/7 gig, as any other person that works in farming or ranching will tell you), I thought this would definitely be something right up my alley! So I go look at the program, but jeez – the guy was charging $49 for a HanDBase applet! You still have to pay for the HanDBase program, which is itself $29! I am not putting down his software in any way, in fact – it looks very detailed and well thought out. But it also doesn't do anything that the spreadsheets I created and that I carry in Docs To Go don't already do. For $49, I'll just stick with my spreadsheets, thank you very much. But, for $25 or even $30…I would have been tempted. Once again, it's a matter of rewarding someone for their initiative…but there is a limit, wouldn't you say? [now putting soapbox away for another day…]

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