Xigma Tungsten|T Leather Jacket – EX Model Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm Tungsten|T

There aren’t many companies that will take the risk of making cases in
anything other than run-of-the-mill black and boring-brown these days. Perhaps
it is because most manufacturers are aiming mainly at people who work in highly
conservative places; but I personally think that the PDA case market is much
bigger than that. I think that there are a lot of people that would enjoy
covering their PDAs in colors – vivid colors – but not the type that look like a
60s flashback.

That’s why I was pleased when I received the new
Tungsten |T Leather
Jacket- EX Model
from Xigma. The cases in
this series come with a conservative black exterior that is done in a soft Napa
leather, which smells like heaven and "feels like buttah." The interiors are
comprised of a scrumptious brightly colored Napa and suede combination.


Closed, this leather jacket looks like a very well made, yet slightly
unadventurous flip-case. It closes securely with a magnetic snap, and mainly
offers protection to the screen and back of the Tungsten|T. But once you open
the Xigma, you are greeted with a surprising display of color. The case I
received was a bright, Florida Gator Blue – pretty cool! This case is also
available in Black/Beige, Black/Black, and Black/Red. Personally, I would like
to see one in all blue, or all red. ;0)


The Tungsten is held in place, against a lambskin suede wall, in a Napa and
suede holster that cradles the PDA’s bottom. The only branding on the case is
the embossed XIGMA on the smaller of the two slash pockets inside the flip-lid.
The larger pocket is perfect for and ID or credit card, while the smaller can
hold folded receipts or an SD/MMC card or two.

Closed, the Xigma offers protection to the bottom of the Tungsten|T, as well
as the lower quarter. This case adds minimal weight or bulk to the PDA, and is
perfect for those to whom this is important. The downside is that the holster
does not allow for syncing or charging while in the cradle, though you can use a
cable. It is also necessary to remove the Tungsten from the case when you need
to perform a soft reset.

Otherwise, the Xigma
Tungsten |T Leather
Jacket- EX Model
is a beautiful case; extremely well made and pleasing to
both the eye and nose. If you like a book-style better, that option is also

Price: $59 (includes international shipping)
Available in Black/Beige, Black/Black, Black/Red, and Black/Blue

Extremely well made of Napa cowhide leather and lamb suede
Striking color combinations
Can store ID or memory cards in slash pocket
Adds minimal bulk or weight to the Tungsten|T

Can’t sync in case
Can’t reset PDA while in case


Product Information

  • Extremely well made of Napa cowhide leather and lamb suede
  • Striking color combinations
  • Can store ID or memory cards in slash pocket
  • Adds minimal bulk or weight to the Tungsten|T
  • Expensive
  • Can't sync in case
  • Can't reset PDA while in case

11 thoughts on “Xigma Tungsten|T Leather Jacket – EX Model Review”

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  2. Doesn’t the TT have a tendency to slide out completely when you pull up on the top half with this case? I’ve been using a Piel Frama case which is unveblievably beautiful, yet suffers this affliction which gves the fingertips the heebeejeebees. I’ve got to clamp the bottom half down with my thumb whenever I open the slide.

    My recommendation is to go with something that clips into the grooves of the TT. (I almost got the Covertec model, but didn’t like its upsidedown SD slots> so I’m using http://shop.brando.com.hk/oemtungstentzipcase.php for the time being.) Sorry for the niggle.

  3. Goldora,

    I haven’t run into a problem with the T sliding out if the bottom of the Xigma’s holster. It holds the T very snugly, and while it may loosen over time – this one certainly hasn’t yet.

    On a side note, I also prefer a clip. Obviously there is something for everyone.

    Judie :0)

  4. Yet another case review or not, we certainly need to keep em coming for the Tungsten! Is it just me or did Palm make it impossible to use with a case?

    My biggest gripe with the leather cases is that they all hold the Tungsten at the bottom, leaving the sides exposed and also adding bulk to the bottom so that it’s even thicker still than the top.

    But how else can they design it? It’s just how the Tungsten is… we definately need all the case reviews we can get. 😀

  5. Xigma used to sell Tungsten|T cases without the “holster” design using “U-clips” (http://www.seidioonline.com/store/viewitem.asp?idproduct=556&idcategory=600). I ordered one last week but just got notice today that they were out-of-stock and the style is being discontinued. I can only deduce that the U-clip design must not have worked very well, or had problems.

    Gidora, that Brando case looks promising. A question for you — any danger of the SD cards scratching the display when the case is zipped shut and rubbed on the side with the card pockets? Any problems sliding the Tungsten up over the case’s top zipper to expose the T’s Graffiti area? How much was shipping from HK (assuming this was where you ordered it from)?

    What other Tungsten|T cases are out there that use the clip design besides the Covertec?

  6. Robofrost, I picked the Barndo Case because it covers the TT completely, it uses the clip and it looked relatively compact and form fitting. I was also looking for something that would let me leave the freebee VeoCam inserted while encased.

    – The SD cards do not touch the screen at all, they only touch the bottom half of the side-o-matic bezel.
    – The zipper does not scratch or impede the sliding action in anyway. In fact, you can sync it in the cradle with the bezel extended and a little pressure.
    – Shipping is probably $2, I was charged 3$ because I also ordered the PDAir combo pen/stylus. (read my comments: http://the-gadgeteer.com/vbbs/showthread.php?s=&threadid=278)

    The TT’s sliding mechanism really is of dubious practical value. Either way, I don’t think you could get the TT to the slim elegant form factor of the M series with a case. At the end of the day, even the Brando feels as thick as a pocket bible.

  7. Thanks for your feedback, Gidora. I poked around the Brando site some more and saw that they have other T|T clip cases beyond the zippered style you went with — they’re making flip- and book-style T|T clip cases too. The styles are pretty close to what I’m after, but the card slots are a little strange looking — I wish they had some pictures with cards inserted — and the closing straps are snaps, not magnetic. I guess that’d be better for carrying a credit card. For me the perfect case would be that Xigma I linked to, but with a true T|T clip, not the “U-clip” if it doesn’t work well.

    The Piel Frama is an attractive case, but besides your complaint about the holster, the presence of the belt clip knob would be a disadvantage since I’m not a belt clip user. I’m assuming the leather on your Frama is more appealing and attractive than the Brando’s leather, yes?

    Can you (or anyone else) also tell me what a VeoCam is? I haven’t heard of it, and any info would be appreciated.

  8. Palm was giving away these with every TT back in May:

    Does the Piel Frama have better leather than Brando OEM? You bet. At twice the price, you’d expect that. Every cut out and contour is perfect and it doesn’t look sloppy and misaligned like the fips from E&B and others.

    Anyway, the quest continues. Have you looked at some of the wackier offerings from:

  9. Wow, interesting camera. Thanks for the link.

    I had seen the Bellagio, but not the Nutshells (hey, good to know in case I ever need a camo case!). The Bellagio looks sweet, but again I’m fearful of buying it sight unseen because of the holster design and potential for slippage from exposing the Graffiti area.

    At this point I’m leaning towards a Covertec, although I wish they had another style to choose from that had a credit card slot or two, like the Xigma. Still, I’ll get quality leather and stitching, and a clip instead of a holster for attaching the T|T. I’m also encouraged that Covertec modified their design after feedback about the cover hitting the buttons/wheel on the bezel — that tells me they listen to their customers, which is a good thing.

    But I haven’t submitted my order yet, so if anyone stumbles across more interesting cases, don’t be shy and post!

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