Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-01-18

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What a week! Steve and I just got back from MD Anderson (Houston) and we have great news – Steve's CT Scans looked good! YAY! I made the ever so brilliant decision to leave my laptop at home when we went this time, and by Wednesday (the day we were supposed to be home) I was completely jones-ing for news, chat and e-mail. We had to stay an extra day (Thursday) to talk to a surgeon about an abdominal chemo bath that it turns out Steve won't need, which was *very* good news, indeed.
As always, I brought along some new games and programs to try out while waiting. Two worth mentioning are for the Palm OS: Qbix and Monsta.
Qbix is a clone of one of my favorite 80's games, Q-bert. It's even more fun than the original game was because I don't have to go hang out at Shakey's (which had the best arcade when I was growing up) to play. The 320 game has been optimized for the high resolution screen of the Palm TT and the Sony CLIEs. The graphics are great, the sounds are fun, and it's an easy way to waste several hours.
Monsta is a totally different type game. According to its website, “MONSTA is turn based game which requires logic judgement and in advance conceived strategy. This amusing game offers challenge of heartless fight between brave Joe and little evil monsters. That can only end by winning of wiser and more courageous.” This game takes a minute or two to get used to because it is “turn-based” and not a “free-for-all”, but once you get the hang of it you will be hooked! There are 50 levels to play – so get ready…

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