Julie’s Gear Diary – 2002-12-21

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My 5455 was DEAD this morning! I woke up, tried to turn it on and wasn't successful. I pressed the reset button and still nothing. So I thought maybe the battery had died during the night, so I put it in the charger. The charge light would not come on. I tried pluging the AC in directly thru the small adapter dongle thing, nothing happened. I took the battery off the back, put it back on, nothing. Finally I tried a hard reset per Judie's suggestion. This time when I pressed the reset switch, I saw the screen flash for a split second before turning black again. I placed it in the cradle and the screen came on and it started syncing and charging.

I'm not sure what's going on, but so far I'm not super happy with this new Pocket PC. Both Judie and I have been getting memory errors. I've had some fingerprint recognition problems. The unit doesn't feel that speedy to me. Watching videos, I can sometimes see the screen paint diagonally. It has high dropped frame rates. I also hate the Dpad… it doesn't register my presses very often.

I really wish we wouldn't have ordered from Mobile Planet. They do not take returns. And at this point after having used the 5455 for over a week, I would have probably returned it after the review.

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