Judie’s Gear Diary – 2002-10-21

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Julie and I have made plans to attend COMDEX in Las Vegas. Last time we went, we were at the mercy of various cab and bus drivers…but this time, I think we will be better prepared and more willing to venture out on our own. Why, you ask? Because I have in my possession Microsoft's Streets and Trips 2003. Now I'll know where all the cool restaraunts, casinos, clubs, etc. are.
If you'll remember, it wasn't long ago that I was asking about your experiences with GPS and mapping software built into your vehicles, and several people that wrote me seemed very satisfied using their Pocket PCs for mapping. I started thinking about it, and realized that a portable solution really would be best for me. Now, I don't have GPS hooked up to my Pocket PC…yet, but I have to tell you that after playing with this program, I might not even need it. I can chart trips, get turn-by-turn driving (or walking) directions, and here's the biggie: Not only can I use it on my Fuji Lifebook P2110(mini-moi), I can also export maps to my new 256MB SD card (which I got for $99 on sale at eCost!) and view their quite detailed Pocket PC versions. No more getting lost for me!
Julie and I are planning on taking a combined family vacation to Scotland for Spring Break…we are going to have to get the Great Britain counterpart to this program!

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