Judie’s Gear Diary – 2002-08-03

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I am so completely irratated with Audible! I cancelled my account with them when my year's contract was up – and they still managed to get a couple extra month's worth of money from me. In February of this year, I thought I was done with them…and for a while I was. Then in June they sneaked a $50 charge onto my American Express! I have called numerous times, e-mailed, and contested charges. I am really bent out of shape at this moment because I just got a reminder from them to pick out two selections for this month – AS IF! I tried to reply to the e-mail address, but of course it bounced. On the off chance that someone from Audible bothers to read, I am reprinting my bounced message. Right now, I think Audible's customer service S*CKS.

“I have cancelled this account – MONTHS AGO. I should NOT have any credits available, and if I do, it is because you are charging my account WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I suggest you put a stop to this.THANK YOU!
Judie Clark

UGH! :0P

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