Vaja CLIÉ NR70 Series Cases Review

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Product Requirements:
Sony CLIÉ NR70 Series PDAs

I think that it is pretty apparent to everyone that reads The Gadgeteer that Judie and I absolutely love Vaja cases. Whenever we get a new PDA, we find ourselves waiting impatiently until we get our first Vaja case to carry it in. This is exactly the situation that we found ourselves in after switching to the Sony
CLIÉ NR70V. But, now the wait is over as Vaja has sent us their current offerings
for review.

I’d like to preface the following reviews by saying that these are higher end cases and as such, carry a price tag that reflects this fact.

731 Classic Flip Top Case

This case is called “Classic” because it has clean lines, and a simple but functional design. 

The case is available only in two color choices: Brown or Black Aniline. I was sent the Black Aniline to review. This is an all fine grained all leather case that is void of any trace of Velcro. It is also only available with a
belt clip.

I’ll continue to call this specific product a ‘case’ although it is really what I would consider a ‘cover’ as it does not envelope the whole PDA. The sides of the
CLIÉ remain exposed even when the ‘case’ is closed with the snap tab.

To secure the CLIÉ in the case, a holster of sorts is employed to grip the lower section of the keyboard half of the PDA. The holster gives a secure fit even after inserting and removing the PDA numerous times. This is important due to the fact that you will be removing the PDA from the case to sync and charge with the cradle. An opening at the bottom of the holster does give access to the serial port if you happen to have a sync able though. The only small annoyance that I had with the holster was the fact that the leather was tight enough to dislodge the stylus every time I would remove the
CLIÉ from the case. This is not a real big deal unless the stylus would happen to fall out unnoticed.

When the PDA is in the case, you have access to everything… Nothing is covered including the reset hole and speaker. The speaker has a nice cutout which is lined with a stainless steel mesh. 

It’s great that you can pivot the display for either keyboard usage or tablet using while in this case. I almost always use the
CLIÉ in tablet mode, so I just leave the screen facing up when I close the cover.

The ABS insert protected and padded cover has 2 Memory Stick slots, 2 Business card slots, and 1 larger slot in the back.

At the moment, I’m using this case full time with my NR70V. I like the ease of use and slim style. The only things that would make it even better would be a non
belt clip version, and a few more color choices. But for now, it’s my favorite.

Price: $49.90

Slim fit
Access to everything

Not available WITHOUT a belt clip
Must remove to sync/charge in cradle


730s Classic Cover Case

Like the case that Julie just reviewed, the 730s is a clean classic design
that uses a tightly grained leather. It is available in Black or Brown Aniline,
I was sent the brown. Worth pointing out is the fact that this is a rich, dark
chocolate brown, not some anemic tan trying to pass. ;0)


The small metal Vaja tag is unobtrusive and goes well with this case.

The 730 fastens with a snap, and like all book-style cases, the side with the
fastener is also the side with the least amount of protection. The top is left
exposed, and the bottom is partially exposed.

Like the 731, this case does not use any Velcro. Instead,
there is a unique half-holster that grips the bottom half of the keyboard
portion of the CLIÉ.

The interior of this case is beautifully
All of the surfaces that aren’t done in the smooth brown
leather are lined in a softer, lighter colored leather.

While in this case, you can position your CLIÉ with the screen either
rotated 180º and exposed, or in the clamshell
position, as I have shown it here.

At first glance, you might think that this case has only room for up to five
business or ID cards. But by flipping over the inner flap, a panel that holds up
to four Memory Sticks is revealed.

Unfortunately, the possibility of storing this many items comes with a price.
I found that when I inserted my driver’s license with three credit cards the
case would not snap shut – never mind adding any Memory Sticks. However, it
close properly when only business cards were placed in the slots.

I think that this problem would be solved if Vaja allowed a longer
snap-strap, then you could easily use all of the available slots without
rendering the case inoperable.

Some people may find the fact that you can’t hot-sync this case in the cradle
as a con. I don’t have a problem with it, because I am using the
Brando CLIÉ T Series USB Hotsync /
Charge Cable

The 730s is a very nicely made case with classic good looks. If Vaja will
make the snap-strap just a little bit longer, my largest reservation about this
case will be gone.

Price: $49.90

Slim Fit
Multiple storage slots
Classic good looks and excellent craftsmanship for a budget price

Using all the storage slots makes case impossible to close
Must remove to sync/charge in cradle


I-Volution Dyna Case
Julie & Judie

Julie’s comments        Judie’s

Now for the really cool CLIÉ case that we know you all have been waiting to
hear about! The Dyna, like the iPAQ I-Volution that we
previously reviewed, is a molded all-leather case that just screams “Look at me!”. 

After my very positive experience with the iPAQ
I-Volution case, I couldn’t wait to see what Vaja would do for my beloved CLIÉ –
I wasn’t disappointed!

The Dyna is available in a multitude of colors and custom options such as personalization of name or logo, matching leather lining, or belt clip.
Of course, the more you customize, the higher the price.

Julie received the Caterina Red ($10 option)

Each case has a perfectly centered reset
button cutout, as well as a mesh covered speaker

Our logo shows up quite well on this smaller
grained leather.

I received the Navy Floater Case


As you can see, our logo isn’t quite as easy
to read on the larger grained "Floater" leather.
Instead of a slipper, Velcro, or what have you, the PDA is pressed into the case where it fits like a glove. Leather
covers 95% of the PDA, with only a small portion exposed.
Although you won’t be able to hot-sync
in the cradle with this case, you can of course use a travel charger, like
the one I previously mentioned.

While in the case, you can use your Clie in a totally unobstructed manner. The keyboard is open,
buttons on the left side, the reset switch and even the speaker are exposed.
Like the CLIÉ cases above, the speaker is covered with a stainless steel mesh
window that not only looks good, but helps keeps sounds from being muffled.

I love the feel of this case in my hand. Totally smooth, tight and slim.

This is easily the slimmest case available, plus I love
the feeling of my Clie wrapped in sensuous leather!

The only thing I don’t like is that the case wasn’t designed for the person
that uses their CLIÉ in tablet mode most of the time. That’s the type of user
that I am… Although you can peel the case off the top part of the PDA, rotate
the screen and use it, it isn’t as convenient as I would like. Also, NR70V users
will find picture taking to be awkward… unless all you take is pictures of
yourself ;o)

I lucked out, because this case was designed for the
way I prefer to use my Clie! :0)

My case seems to fit a bit tightly, or maybe it just needs to be broken in more… I say this
because the leather won’t allow the lid to close all the way. I’m sure after
more use, this won’t be an issue though.

Mine does the
same thing, hopefully it will "stretch" soon…

Say what you will about the price, but if you are the
type that appreciates the BEST things in life this case will most likely appeal
to you. Frankly, to me this case is worth every penny. It is "all
that and a bag of chips

Price: $119.90 & up, depending on options selected
Available in a wide variety of colors and cowhide textures

Looks slick
Feels wonderful in-hand
Amazing design

Adds very little bulk

Designed for using the PDA in keyboard mode instead of tablet mode
When case is new it keeps Clie from closing all the way
Must remove to sync/charge in cradle


Product Information

  • Looks slick
  • Feels wonderful in-hand
  • Amazing design
  • Adds very little bulk
  • Designed for using the PDA in keyboard mode instead of tablet mode
  • When case is new it keeps Clie from closing all the way
  • Must remove to sync/charge in cradle
  • Expensive

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