Filofax Belgravia PDA Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Perfectly fits the Palm V series & m500 series, but can also hold
the Palm III series, Handspring Visor, Handspring Edge and the Sony Clie

If you used to carry a paper based planner before you started using whatever
PDA you now own, then you are most likely already aware of the
Filofax name. If not, then let me jog your

Can you remember the James Belushi movie,
Taking Care of
, where he played a prison escapee that found an executive’s daybook
and basically assumed his life? Well in the front of the obviously pricey
daybook was something that I had never seen in any planner before – a green
cover page that offered a cash reward to anyone that found the book and returned
it. Intrigued by the concept, I had to go check out the Filofax line at my local
Neiman Marcus.

What I found was that Filofax binders came in every material imaginable and
had the price points to match. $150 poorer, I purchased a gorgeous burgundy
leather binder and thus began a love affair with my Filofax that would only end
when I purchased my HP 75-LX and no longer needed a paper binder option.

These days, I still look at Filofax binders, but I have not been tempted to
purchase one because I have gone almost completely paperless. Imagine my
surprise when I learned that Filofax had ventured into the realm of PDA cases.
Based on prior experience with this company’s products, I knew I had to check
these out.

The Filofax
is a great example of everything that Filofax binders have come to
exemplify: excellent craftsmanship, superior materials, and prestigious

In keeping with that concept, the Filofax comes with packaging that makes it
suitable for gift-giving.

Inside the black presentation box, you’ll find a soft white
buffing cloth with a sewn-in leather "filofax" tag.

Since I won’t be storing the case in this box, I decided to use the cloth
to wrap around some of my jewelry that I am not wearing. Hey, I am all about
finding alternative uses for packaging. ;0)

The Belgravia is a beautiful solid black, smooth-grained leather case with
matching black stitching. The snap features the Filofax name and as with all
Filofax binders, there is a small, tastefully embossed "f" on the case’s spine.

This Filofax’s leather is sumptuous, smells great, and feels like the finest
available. Unlike some of the other leathers I have seen Filofax use in their
binders, this one appears more dressy and might be easier to scratch.

Although this case is touted as being able to fit several
PDAs other than the Palm m500 and V series, I would have to say that that
those are the PDAs that this case was definitely made to fit. The following
picture shows the elastic sides and bottom of the holster which would help
this Filofax accommodate other PDAs; but you can also see that the bottom
features a perfect curve made to fit the bottom edge of the previously
mentioned Palms.
There is a narrow pen or stylus loop on the right side of
the Belgravia, and a larger one suitable for a thicker multi-pen on the

Four ID or credit card pockets are located on the flip lid, and there is
a fifth, deeper pocket suitable for tucking away currency or receipts.

Interestingly enough, there is also a very deep pocket that runs along
the top edge of the flip-lid. Filofax includes a removable, small sized
note-pad that can fit in a number of their binders

Here is a picture of the Filofax Belgravia totally loaded
up, including the note-pad. As you can see, it fits my Palm m505 perfectly,
and that is the only PDA that I can really recommend this case for.

case makes a great wallet if you are not one that carries a lot of

Here is a picture of the side view, with a
Stabo stylus inserted in the holder.

This case is simply beautiful, but it does have a downside, one that may
seem very serious to some users: it adds quite a bit of bulk to an otherwise
svelte PDA.

Here are some facts and figures to aid you in your decision making

 HeightWidth (widest
Naked Palm m5054.5" (11.4cm)3.2" (8cm)0.5" (1.3cm)
Palm 505 in Filofax5.4" (13.6cm)3.9" (9.9cm)1.0" (2.6cm)
One other feature that may cause some to take issue with
this case is the elastic bottom of the holster. Because it is a sold piece
that completely covers the bottom of the PDA, you will have to remove your
device before syncing or charging.

I decided to cheat, and completely cut
this piece out of the holster. I am not recommending that you do this to
your case, were you to buy one, but it worked perfectly for me. I found the
elastic sides were suitable for keeping my m505 secure, and the snapping tab
closure ensured that my PDA would stay put when I wasn’t using it.

Just like the Filofax binder that I used to enjoy carrying, the Belgravia is
now my PDA case of choice for my Palm m505, because I love the way it looks,
feels, and performs. While the Belgravia is a bit pricier than some, it is not
any more expensive than a Vaja or Pile Frama case, which are two of the other
popular luxury brands available for the Palm V/m500 series.

The Filofax
PDA Case is available at
Stylus Central
and other retailers.

Price: $65


Fun, bright colors that help take the monotony out of carrying a protective


Must remove PDA from case o sync or charge
Adds bulk to PDA


Product Information

  • Fun, bright colors that help take the monotony out of carrying a protective
  • case
  • Must remove PDA from case o sync or charge
  • Adds bulk to PDA

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  2. Just a note, you should NEVER use any of the new laptops in a case. They can not get enought air flow. We see alot of laptops in for repair due to melted plastic and failed hardware due to heat.

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