Brando Clié USB Hotsync + Charger Cable Review

Product Requirements:


Clié S300 / S320 / S500 / N600C
/ N610C / N700C / N710C / N750C / N760C / N770C


Windows 95/98/2000, Mac

If you just upgraded to one of the newer Sony Clié PDAs, you may
be in the market for a second cradle to use at work or at home. If you
are like me, I hate taking the cradle with me, especially when I have to
dis-assemble the charger plug as well. Well thanks to Brando,
(maker of the Palm
V USB hotsync + charger cable
), we now have a USB hotsync + charger
cable just for the Clié!

The major difference between this and the Palm cable is that since the
Clié syncs with USB, no additional drivers were required to use
the cable to sync. You simply plug it in, push the glowing green button,
and sync. I found it to be a great alternative to purchasing another cradle,
and looking for an empty electrical outlet to plug the charger into. The
cable draws power from the USB port, and a green LED on the button lets
you know that it’s working. It doesn’t flash like the Palm cable, but I
prefer that.

The connector is the same as the one that comes with the Clié
charger cable, (which plugs into either the back of the cradle or directly
into the Clié). This has good points and bad points, none of which
are the fault of Brando. On the plus side, you get the exact connector
that Sony uses. On the minus side, I have found this connector to be somewhat
loose at times, so much so that when I use the stock Sony charger alone,
without the cradle, it will not stay secure enough to keep the electronic
connection. I can only use the Sony charger with the cradle. So when I
plugged the Brando hotsync + charger cable into my Clié for the
first time, it was also a bit loose. I was able to gently place it on the
desk top, making sure the connector stayed in place, to sync.

The cable is about 5 feet long, and is somewhat stiff. It’s not as flexible
as the cables on the cradle or charger that come with the Clié,
but it’s flexible enough to stay where you put it on the desktop.

So, how does this cable work as a charger? I’m not so sure that it will
work as good as the charger that came with the Clie. I don’t know how
much power is drawn through the USB port, but leaving my Clie connected
to the computer for 30 minutes only increased the battery strength 4%. It
would take a long time to charge up the batteries at that rate. If I
wasn’t going anywhere, it wouldn’t matter. But since you have to leave
the computer on to charge, it may be an issue for some folks. Although
there was is no indicator light on the cable that it is charging,
(there’s a LED on the Clie cradle that lights up when charging), you can
turn on the Clie and look for the “lightning bolt” going through the
battery icon in the application screen to see if it is charging while
using the cable.

Regardless, I think this is a great product. The charging issue may
not really be an issue for most. And the cable is much smaller than carrying
around the Sony charger and cradle.  It’s too bad that Sony didn’t
put a better connector on their product, but then again, we don’t want
to start suggesting they change their connectors with every model of PDA
like some OTHER companies do 😉


Price: $25.00 (US)



No drivers required

Sync and charge through one USB connection


The connector is a bit loose, but that’s a Sony issue.

No indication the Clié is charging.


5 thoughts on “Brando Clié USB Hotsync + Charger Cable Review”

  1. I guess the real value is in having 2 of the E-Clip each with a different backing plate. Eg one for your belt and one for the dash of your car holding your phone/hheld somewhere that you can see it and get power connected.

    I dont really see a great deal of value in a moduler system when you only have one of the key element – changing the backing plate is not the sort of thing you would want to do everytime you got in and out of the car (for example).

  2. Actually, removing the E-CLIP from the plates is easy. You simply squeeze the two buttons on the sides of the clip, and it disengages. The only clip this wouldn’t work well with is the belt clip plate (if you also screw it into the back of the e-clip).

  3. Cons:
    Not sure how secure the adhesive pads really are.

    You’re right. The adhesive pad isn’t too great. I had mine come off, and send my phone tumbling onto concrete a week ago. Weird thing is, I stuck it back on, and couldn’t pry it off. But I’m not going to hang it from the sticky pad anymore.

  4. Best clip system I have seen on the market.
    In regards to the other post.

    QUOTE:: The adhesive pad isn’t too great. I had mine come off, and send my phone tumbling onto concrete a week ago. Weird thing is, I stuck it back on, and couldn’t pry it off.

    The true solution is to set the pin the night before and enjoy the system the next day. TREK Ultimate clip with belt loop SHIFT Ultimate Clip with hook plate

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