E&B Cases Slipper Slim PAQ Review

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Product Requirements:
Compaq iPAQ

The Slipper Slim PAQ is a leather play through case for the Compaq iPAQ made by
E&B Cases. This case is crafted from black Nappa Cowhide Leather and fits the
naked (no expansion sleeves installed) iPAQ Pocket PC. Although this case is a typical E&B “Slipper”, it does
have a few notable surprises that make it stand out.

Like their other Slipper style cases, the PDA slides into a holster where it is held in place by friction.
The iPAQ slides into the holster easily and is then held there securely. The fit is nice and snug with no
worries that the PDA might fall out if held upside down.

Around the bottom of the holster is a zipper. You can unzip the bottom of the case to reveal the serial
port, AC adapter connector and reset switch. If you have a sync cable, you can easily attach it to the
iPAQ while the case is unzipped. You can also (with practice), put the iPAQ in the cradle and sync it
while it is still in the case. One nice little touch involves a little pocket on the side of the case where
you can hide the zipper pull.

The holster on this case has one large opening that allows access to the main navigation and application
buttons. I really prefer this type of opening instead of the type that separate the screen from the buttons
with a thin leather strip. All the buttons can be easily pressed. The only
button that is slightly harder to press is the down direction on the navigation pad. The leather holster gets in the way
just a tiny bit. For everyday use, you won’t notice at all. Game players may notice though.

The top of the holster has a cut out for the Power button and battery/alarm indicator LED, as well as the
backlight sensor and microphone.

The inside back of the holster is lined with a very soft, cushiony knit material. This gives the back of
the case a nice padded area which adds protection in the event of a fall.

The left side of the case has an oval cut out for the record button. This cut out is stitched around the
edges which gives it a richer more finished appearance.

The screen cover portion of the case which can flip all the way around the
back of the PDA is reinforced with a stiffener that protects the screen from bumps.
There are 2 business card slots on the inside of the cover for storage. There is an access hole in the
cover for the earphone jack. This allows you to plug in your headphones and listen to audio while the case
is closed. The access hole has stitching around it like the record button opening.

The outside of the screen cover has a large faux snakeskin patch appliquéd to it. Although everyone
that I’ve asked has liked the look of this patch, I prefer that the cover was just plain.
I guess it’s just a matter of personal taste. If you also prefer a plain leather
case, E&B sells the Slipper Slim PAQ without the patch for the same price. The cover also has a small E&B metal logo badge applied to it as

The cover is held closed with Velcro. As usual, I’m not too thrilled with this
method of closure. However, it appears that E&B maybe be using a stronger type of
Velcro because it seems to hold better than what I’m used to.

Overall, the Slipper Slim PAQ is a nice play through case that feels great in your hand,
looks good, and protects your
device from bumps and scratches while not adding much size to the svelte

Price: $34.95 ($37.95 with belt clip)

Slim form fitting case
Access to all buttons and connectors
Can sync without removing case

Won’t fit my Silver Slider


Product Information

Manufacturer:EB Cases
  • Slim form fitting case
  • Access to all buttons and connectors
  • Can sync without removing case
  • Won't fit my Silver Slider

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