Rhodiana Palm V and III/x Case Review

Rhodiana has created two
play through cases for either the Palm V or Palm III/x Connected Organizers. These cases
are made of 1/8″ black laminated ballistic nylon. They are padded with dense foam and
lined with smooth nylon taffeta.

rhodiana1.jpg (6421 bytes) rhodiana2.jpg (4773 bytes) rhodiana3.jpg (4328 bytes)

The case doesn’t require any Velcro to hold the PDA in place (Yay!). Two heavy duty
snaps are used to hold the access flap secure. When you open this access area, you can
easily slide the PDA in and out of the case. It’s a unique design. When the snaps are
fastened, a thick clear plastic holder keeps the PDA in place.

rhodiana6.jpg (4358 bytes)

On the Palm V version of the case, this holder has cutouts for the Power button and IR
port. You also have access to the two stylus silos… but, removing the original Palm V
styli from their silos while in this case is pretty much impossible. I use a PDA Panache
Palm V stylus and removing it is simple.

The Palm III/x version of the case also has a cutout for the IR port. Like the Palm V
version of the case, it isn’t really possible to use the original stylus. The Point! or
PDA Panache styli are much easier to use.

The cover of the case has a clear plastic card slot on the inside. This cover is held
closed with a plastic pinch type closure device. This is the same type of closure that you
find on backpacks and other sports type packs. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to
like this closure mechanism. It seemed a bit awkward. But, with just a bit of practice, I
was able to latch and unlatch the case with two fingers. I’ve come to really like it.

rhodiana5.jpg (7113 bytes)

On the back of the case, are two elastic straps that are supposed to aid you in holding
on to the PDA while using it. You’re supposed to side your fingers under these straps. I
tried this a couple times and didn’t like it at all. I personally wouldn’t mind if these
straps were totally removed as I don’t see much benefit in them. The back of the case also
has a slender pocket that is supposed to be a slot to hold your stylus. This is supposed
to make the case easier for people that don’t have the PDA Panache or Point! styli. I
don’t like using this slot as a stylus holder. It is just too awkward. I would rather have
a holder on the side of the case instead of the back.

This slot can also be used for an optional beltclip. The beltclip is the metal spring type
clip that slides over your belt or waist band. A band of Velcro holds this clip in place
very well. Usually, I don’t like these type of spring clips because they have a tendency
to slide up and off your belt when you stoop or squat down. But, I have to admit that this
specific clip doesn’t seem to have that problem. I gave this case with beltclip a thorough
work out during two weekends of moving boxes from my current house to my new house. I did
more than my share of lifting, stooping, squatting and bending and never did my Palm V in
the Rhodiana case leave the waist band of my jeans (I wasn’t even wearing a belt). That’s
enough a test for me to say that this clip is safe to use.

rhodiana4.jpg (8263 bytes)

The case is made very well, looks sporty and does a great job of protecting your PDA. The
case also doesn’t add much to the overall size of the PDA and is comfortable to hold and

Price: $29.50 (for either case), $2.50 for optional beltclip

Completely encloses the PDA.
Doesn’t require Velcro.
Optional beltclip.

Must remove from case to Hotsync.
Works best with 3rd party styli.



Product Information

  • Completely encloses the PDA.
  • Doesn't require Velcro.
  • Optional beltclip.
  • Must remove from case to Hotsync.
  • Works best with 3rd party styli.

11 thoughts on “Rhodiana Palm V and III/x Case Review”

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  2. it sounds kool 😎 and Amazon has the price as 8.99 but with the following byline:

    This item is not stocked or has been discontinued.

    Hopefully they will get more in..

  3. Hi there,

    Couple of things. For those looking for this toy, I found it at my local KB Toys (as per the article)

    Was wondering, for anyone that has one, is there a trick to get the heart beat, music & timer to work? (YesI have brand new batteries in the unit, yes they are in the right way) 😉

    I have digits on my timer, but they never advance.

    I get the power-on/power-off sounds as well as the sound when you mute/unmute the sound, but I never get the heartbeat or music.



  4. Hi-

    I am a big fan of the game SUPERPLEXUS! I got mine at around late August, but still am trying to do better with it. Found an article about how it was invented: San Francisco Chronicle- Profile: Michael McGinnis. It is pretty well written and tells about the time and trouble it took for Michael to get it made. Check it out!!

    At first I did not use it with batteries, but now I am adept enough that I want to beat my time. My average score on level one is under 15 seconds. I have made it through the whole thing 5 times, but I’ve never beat my first and best time of 1:53:22! It’s not just a boy’s toy; girls love it too:)


  5. I found Super Plexus at Toys R Us locally (NJ/NY area) for $9.95. :wow:

    The local KB Toys didn’t have in stock at all.

    The cheapest I found it on the Net for was $30.00. 😡

    Now I just have to find the time to sit down with it!
    Asthetically I love it. I’d like to get one of those 3-legged thingies that you use for displaying a globe and have it as a conversation piece in the computer room.


  6. Rich-

    There is one place online where you can find Superplexus for $19.50. It is at Funagain Games: kumquat.com/cgi-kumquat/funagain/13575. Of course, there is also shipping! I also like the aesthetics and have put it on a cylinderical section of plexiglas, 5″ dia x 2″ high. It was a scrap at Tap Plastics. Why didn’t it come with a stand?

    My family have some favorite areas on Superplexus. Does anyone else make names for these?

    Most fun:

    1- “The Tightrope” (yellow track section, 33-34)
    2- “The Spiral and Cup” (obvious)
    3- ‘The Praying Man” (purple piece, 62-65 and 93-96)
    4- “Double-Turnaround” …MY most favorite (76-77)
    5- “Around the Cup”, or “Around The Horseshoe Magnet” (91-92)

    The most difficult:

    1- “That Area” (11-12)
    2- “Number Thirty” (29-31)
    3- “Turnaround” (43-44)
    4- “Urggg!” (98-99)
    5- “Oh, SH…T” (99-100)

    Most improbable:

    1- “I’m Lost!” …beginners only (17-18)
    2- “The Edge” (33-34)
    3- “The Drop” (37-38)
    4- “Inverted Drop” (41-42)
    5- “The Tube” (58-59)


  7. Anyone else have problems with the timer not running (even though the “00:00” digits do display, or the “heartbeat” sound not working?

    This is the second unit we’ve had, (the first, mentioned previously had no sound or timer right out of the box)

    This one worked initially, but now has problems with the sound & timer.



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