TRG xtra xtra Pro Memory Upgrade Review

Hardware Requirements:
Palm IIIx

Technology Resource Group  (TRG) is well known
for their add-in memory boards for the various Palm OS devices. The xtra xtra Pro,
designed for the Palm IIIx, is the latest in this line. It not only doubles the available
RAM to 8Mb, but also provides an additional 2Mb of non-volatile Flash memory. Bundled with
the xtra xtra Pro is TRG’s FlashPro software, which allows use of unused Flash memory for

Installation is relatively simple. Online
are available, and the board previously available only with Japanese
packaging, recently became available with English packaging as well. The back cover of the
Palm IIIx must be removed, and the board is then snapped into the available expansion
slot. Once the xtra xtra Pro is installed, onboard RAM is disabled in favor of the RAM on
the xtra xtra Pro, so a HotSync must be performed to restore all user data. According to
TRG, this is a limitation of the IIIx, which can only address a maximum of 8Mb of RAM. Use
of BackupBuddy NG or a similar product is recommended to prevent loss of data.

Current users of FlashPro will find it necessary to reinstall the software, or rerun
FlashPro Setup, so that the software will recognize the newly available Flash. Apparently,
the available Flash is calculated once, during the initial setup of FlashPro. I’ve made
TRG aware of this, for possible inclusion in the installation instructions.

If you’re about at the limit of the IIIx’ 4Mb of memory, and you just can’t bear to
part with those back issues of InterText, then the xtra xtra Pro is the solution to your
problems. The installation plus restore took a total of about 25 minutes for my maxed-out
Palm IIIx. If you can install PC memory, you can install an xtra xtra Pro.  TRG also
offers the Palm IIIx with xtra xtra Pro pre-installed for $469.00.

Price: $99.95

Simple Installation.
Provides additional RAM as well as Flash.

Current users of FlashPro must reinstall for it to recognize the additional
available Flash.
Requires opening the Palm IIIx case.

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