PictureLogic Review


Hey! Do you like PalmPilot games? Sure, we all do! (No offense, Sally Struthers)
Ok, now that I got that out of my system, check out PictureLogic by Ken Wolcot. It’s a
logic puzzle game that forms a picture when complete. But I must warn you, it’s addictive.

The object is to fill in the grid based on the number or numbers that are listed along
the side and top of the puzzle. Larger puzzles have the numbers on both sides and top
& bottom. There are a number of logical methods to determine which blocks get filled
in and which don’t get filled in. The PictureLogic web page has a “how to play”
page that was very helpful.

I started with the simple puzzles, (15 blocks square) and before I knew it, I was doing
the more complicated puzzles.

PictureLogic has some neat features to ease your frustration. You can “check”
your puzzle at any time and it will tell you if you are “correct so far” or if
you have a mistake. If there is a mistake, it tells you which one is the error. And if you
give up on a puzzle, you can let it show you the solution.

Another interesting feature is the ability to create your own puzzles. The PictureLogic
web site has an area that is for submitting and downloading puzzles. It rates then by
level of complexity. Many of the zip files have puzzles with more than one level of
complexity in them.

There were some things that could be improved upon. First, I had a difficult time
finding how to scroll through the larger puzzles. There are “options”,
“special”, and “about/help” menus. I finally found it in the
“about/help” menu, by clicking on the tiny “H” in the corner. (If you
are like me, you probably don’t read the directions to anything unless you break it. So
perhaps their web page has more information on scrolling.) It would have been neat to use
the up/down buttons and the two outer buttons on the face of the PalmPilot for scrolling.
Also, it was difficult to see the double-digit numbers outside of the grid.


**Note: I checked the web page and there
was a paragraph on scrolling


Other than that, PictureLogic is fun. But plan on spending a lot of time doing the
puzzles. Some took me 30 minutes or more. (Your mileage may vary). Although my favorite
PalmPilot game is chess, so perhaps I need to rethink the time issue.

Price: $12.00 for registered version

Stimulates brain cells.
Keeps you off the streets at night.
Challenging but fun.

Is addictive.
Larger puzzles are harder to view.


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