I have owned many Bluetooth headphones and earbuds because I just hate wires.  Some of them have been pretty nice, and some of them have been a bust.  My favorite up until now has been the Arriva Leo, which I reviewed way back in 2011.   But in general, Bluetooth headphones suffer from two problems in [...]

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I have trouble keeping my earphones in my ears while working out and constantly have to reposition them which is indeed an exercise in futility! ;-) Decibullz Custom Molded Earphone Adapters are an elegant, inexpensive solution to this tedious problem. You can replace your standard silicone tips from earphones that have a straight nozzle with [...]

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There are cord controllers on the market that are designed to stop your earbud cables from coiling into a knotted mess in your pocket or bag, but most of them require you to wind and wind the cables around the controller.  Who has time for that?  With the StopKnot from RadTech, you just slide it [...]

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When my daughter first envisioned herself at college this year, she saw herself zipping around campus on her bike, listening to music as she rides to class with a cool wind in her hair.  She found out that it was hot and humid with no cool winds, the path was uphill on her way to all her [...]

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The Loop-2

Stop me if you have heard this one before. You reach into your pocket, bag, or purse to pull out your earbuds and you come out with a wad of tangled and knotted up cable. Sound familiar? That's how the idea for The Loop (earbud anti-tangling device) came about. Note: Images can be clicked to [...]

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When I picked up my first pair of Apple earbuds, I was very disappointed in how they kept falling out of my ears. Then Earpods came out, and since they had a different shape, I thought they would work better, but still, I had no luck. Sprng offered to have their Sprng clips for the [...]

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TOKKii Close-up

It turns out – who knew?! – that there are many products on the market to clip your earbud wires to your clothes. I haven’t seen any yet that are as sleek and simple as the Tamer from Tokkii. With the Tamer, Tokkii claims to be an all-in-one earbud solution for many aggravating issues that may [...]

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earhoox didn't let an unsuccessfully funded indiegogo project stop them from bringing their unique soft silicone earbud attachments to market. earhoox are designed to fit over your existing round earbuds from Apple, Sony and others. They feature a flexible hook that tucks into the crook of your ear providing a secure and comfortable fit that [...]

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Noise canceling earbuds are great for blocking out unwanted noise around us so we can listen to our tunes without distraction. But there are times when no distraction is not a good thing. Like while riding a bike, walking, running, etc. Airbudz, a successfully funded Kickstarter project, can turn your in-ear earphones into earphones that [...]

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This little invention from Quirky is so simple, it makes you wonder "why didn't I think of that?"  Props fits around your neck and makes sure your earbuds don't fall to the ground when you pull them out of your ears.  Simple!  And a bit like those eyeglasses holders I've seen dangling around peoples' necks. [...]

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This is another Kickstarter project.  If you use those white Apple earbuds and have trouble keeping them in your ears, you might be interested in SecureTips.  These silicone rubber pieces look just like a food processor blade (to me, anyway), and they are designed to hold the freebie white earbuds securely in your ears.  You'll [...]

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If you swim, Pyle has a new Waterproof MP3 Player (PSHWPMP3) you'll be interested in.  The MP3 player is waterproof up to 3 meters and comes with waterproof earbuds that are "made of an ergonomic soft silicone material and wrap comfortably around the ear to keep them secure during vigorous activities like swimming, hiking, jogging, [...]

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The Sinch is an easy to use flexible strap with embedded magnets that can be used on or off your favorite smartphone or audio device. Attach it to your device's earphone jack, wrap the earbud cord around the device and snap the two magnetic ends together. Done. It's available in White or Black and is [...]

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Flicker Interactive has taken a two-pronged approach to standing out in the iPhone case landscape. Built into the back face are little "ears" that stick out to provide space for winding the cord of your earbuds around. The handles also serve to hold the iPhone in landscape mode for interactive gaming.

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Logitech has just announced their BH320 USB Stereo Earbuds for enterprise-grade in-ear audio for PC telephony and videoconferencing.  These earbuds weigh about an ounce, so they'll be discreet and comfortable to wear.  They offer "business-grade sound clarity provided by precise acoustic tuning and advanced echo cancellation", in-line controls, and a powerful microphone placed close to [...]

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Over the past few years, I have had no less than three custom monitors created for me. All of which involved a separate trip to the audiologist to have specially-made molds of my ears created for the monitors to be made from. These visits had to be scheduled and involved a commute to have pink [...]

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We've all been there... You're listening to a cool tune and want to share it with your buddy, but don't want to let them listen through your earbuds... eew! You could play the tune through speakers, but that's not always convenient either. What do you do? If only you could allow your friend to connect [...]

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The HoodieBuddie is a regular hoodie jacket with a bit of geek magic thrown in. They feature patented HB3 Technology™ through a 3.5 mm headphone jack in the front pocket that plugs into any audio device such as an iphone, ipod, or mp3 player. In-ear earbuds are attached at the end of the drawstrings. You [...]

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If you have a pair of earbuds that you love but can't use them for running or playing sports because they don't stay in your ears, JLab Audio has a solution for you.  Their Removable Sports Earhooks  work with most earbuds and add a contoured, flexible hook that can be adjusted to fit your ear. [...]

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Earbuds.  The little buggers are all over the place, aren't they?  Hanging out of people's ears everywhere you look.  Because we need 'em to connect to our portable digital music gizmos, they've become essential gear for many of us.  And there are droves of earbud models, many that look virtually identical.  The Moshi Moonrock stood [...]

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