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This USB-to-Lightning adapter promises to let you transfer images directly between iOS devices

on May 14, 2014 12:00 pm


Granted, the description is a little confusing, but Allputer has a USB-to-Lightning adapter that’s only a fraction of the cost of the official Apple adapter ($5 vs $19 for the Apple version).  You should be able to connect a USB stick to the adapter and transfer photos from the stick to the iPad or iPhone.  It also seems that Allputer is saying you can put one of these adapters in your iPhone and another in your iPad, for example, connect the two with a USB cable, and transfer images directly between the two devices.  The iPhone / iPod to iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad 4 Photo / Video Import Connection Kit is available for $4.95 from Allputer.


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    Sandee Cohen says:


    I wish Allputer had a lot more information than the scant amount it provides.

    Also, if you were to try to transfer from phone to pad, you would have to use a male-to-male USB cable such as this:

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