Smilesaver will make sure your smile is perfect


We’ve all been there, lunch out with the friends, then back to an important meeting at the office. After the meeting, you make a quick trip to the restroom and happen to smile at yourself in the mirror and that’s when you see it… A big honking piece of broccoli stuck between your teeth. You were just talking in front of a large group of people who surely had to see it. Queue embarrassment and the laugh track in your mind. Next time, you should check your smile before the meeting with the Smilesaver. This is a pocket sized mirror that also holds 10 plastic toothpicks and one stainless steel toothpick. After you use the plastic toothpicks, it can be refilled with any type of toothpick. Future smiles will be saved.

The Smilesaver is priced at €7.90 ($11 US) and is available from Unikia.

Julie Strietelmeier

I've been obsessed with gadgets, gizmos since I was a little kid. Other interests include ukuleles, photography, and minimalism.

One thought on “Smilesaver will make sure your smile is perfect

  • May 5, 2014 at 10:21 am

    And in the event your smile can’t be saved, you can always dip them in poison and use them as blowdarts for when you moonlight as a international spy.


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