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Saddleback Leather bag giveaway!

on March 4, 2014 7:00 am

sb4 Gadgeteers, today is your lucky day to enter our contest to win your choice of one of three gorgeous leather bags from Saddleback Leather Company. We’ve been featuring bags from Saddleback for almost 7 years because their quality and workmanship is unsurpassed. They don’t offer a 100 year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship for nothing! If you haven’t been able to enter one of our contests in the past because you’re outside the US, you’ll be happy to learn that this contest is not restricted to the US. It’s open to everyone and is easy to enter, so what are you waiting for?


Winner will choose one Saddleback Leather bag from the following selection  (including preferred size and color):

sb3 sb2 sb1

Utility Duffel $548 – $598 value
Squared Backpack $582 value
Classic Briefcase $568 – $664 value

How to enter (please read carefully – any missed steps and your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and 03/07/2014 11:59PM EST leave a comment on this page telling us which Saddleback Leather bag you will choose if you win this contest and what you will carry in the bag.

Optional: earn one extra entry by tweeting the following: Win an awesome leather bag from Saddleback Leather Company and The Gadgeteer! If you tweet, copy the link to the tweet and leave it in a 2nd comment to this post.

2. At some point on 03/08/2014, I’ll pick 1 random winner using The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to claim their prizes. If I do not receive an answer to my emails in that time period, I’ll do other drawings till the prizes are gone.


1. Only one entry/comment per person (warning: I check IP addresses).

2. Gadgeteer writers, family members and close friends may not enter this contest.

3. is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

Note: The links to Saddleback Leather Company on this page are affiliate links. If you use one of these links to make a purchase, we will earn a small percentage of the sale, so we appreciate it if you click through.


The winner is #338. Congrats to Ned and thank you to everyone who entered and to Saddleback Leather Company for sponsoring this awesome contest!



  1. 401
    Kyle fadeley says:

    I would go for a large briefcase– tough choice, but I have to take the one I would use every day!

  2. 402
  3. 403

    I’d definitely choose the classic briefcase (in the chestnut if I have the choice)!

  4. 404
  5. 405
    Alan Lee says:

    Saddleback Leather Company Briefcase

    Tablet, camera, water bottle, sunglasses, boomerang

  6. 406
  7. 407
    Josh Callaway says:

    I would absolutely choose the the Classic Briefcase, as a replacement for my current daily business bag to carry my laptop and other essentials to and from my office. It would also be utilized as a travel carry-on bag as well as a camera bag when the need would arise to carry a lot of gear.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this high quality bag.

  8. 408
    matt durham says:

    Classic Briefcase in tobacco, and a selection of pens, notebooks, and ipad..

  9. 409
    Brent says:

    I would absolutely love the Classic Briefcase. I would put my laptop, daily gadgets and lunch in it. I would be the envy of the office.

  10. 410
  11. 411
    Matt Roberts says:

    I’d go for the classic briefcase. I already have a saddleback wallet, so I’d match the colour to that. It would replace my work satchel so that I could enjoy it every day!

  12. 412
    Arthur Padilla says:

    I’ll take the backpack to carry my audio gear and tablet

  13. 413
    JAS says:

    Utility Duffel … to carry travel memories galore.

  14. 414
  15. 415
    Jess says:

    I would make the briefcase my main carryon bag!

  16. 416
    Andy says:

    Classic briefcase to look official.

  17. 417
    Michael says:

    Leather backpack

    Will carry MacBook Air

  18. 418
    Bob Hodgen says:

    Classic Briefcase please.


  19. 419
    Kirk Small says:

    Will use the classic briefcase for daily use in customer meetings. Have been looking for a classic leather case and this fits the bill PERFECTLY! Nothing more solid than a beautifully tooled leather bag… Thanks!

  20. 420
    Steve says:


  21. 421
    Andrew L says:

    The classic briefcase in dark coffee brown. I’ll put my class notes, journal, and Macbook Pro in it.

  22. 422
  23. 423
    Jessica says:

    If I won I’d choose a medium Classic Briefcase in Chestnut to carry schoolwork and for travel.

  24. 424
    Mike Mobley says:

    The Dark Coffee Brown Squared Backpack for sure would be the one I would pick! I would keep my Macbook Pro in there, various cables and adapters, and plenty of books for reading and for my job!

  25. 425
  26. 426
    Norman Fong says:

    I would love the classic briefcase. Have you guys seen the “How to knock off a Saddleback bag” by Saddleback? Genious

  27. 427
    Robert Dunn says:

    I would choose the classic briefcase. This would be perfect for carrying all of my paperwork around with me. I work for a company that works with mentally challenged individuals and the paperwork is tiresome.

  28. 428
    Haesslich says:

    I’d have to go with the large classic briefcase for an iPad, various odds and ends, a reusable shopping bag that’s folded up, a Kindle or a Kobo reader, a battery pack, and a few extra bits. A good looking, solid bag is just what the doctor ordered.

  29. 429
    Evan says:

    I would go for the squared backpack, and I would carry game prototypes and manuscripts I’m working on, plus a laptop with websites I’m designing. Mobile office, in leather!

  30. 430
    Dan says:

    Large classic for sure.

    I’d carry all the bits and pieces that travel with me everyday.

    Fingers crosses.

    PS. Dark coffee. :)

  31. 431
    EddieB says:

    I’ve been drooling over the large classic briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown for weeks now, so I would absolutely plump for that! I would use it everyday, be it as my work bag for all my books/files/iPad or for travel, photography and everyday adventures.

    Coming from the UK, this is a really great opportunity for me to become part of the Saddleback family, so thank you for the chance!

  32. 432
    EddieB says:

    I have also tweeted here, thank you!:

  33. 433
    Chris says:

    The classic briefcase (as shown) to carry my laptop, tablet and other work related books / documents to work as a pilot.
    Kick ass, all business looking bag that can take a beating!

  34. 434
    Mart-Jaap says:

    I would choose the classic briefcase to carry everything my wife want to take with her. (And also my iPhone, iPad and driving license)

  35. 435
    Gail B says:

    The squared backpack. I would use this to carry my everyday extras: pencil and pen cases, back-up battery charger, sunglasses, etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. 436
    Jason says:

    Its a tough choice, but I’d choose the classic briefcase to carry my laptop and other work gear.

  37. 437
    Theo says:

    I would definitely select the classic briefcase and use it as my work bag. I would be filled with work papers, fountain pens, and android devices.

  38. 438
    ryan says:

    i’ll go with the classic briefcase to replace my free [laptop maker] backpack that i’m using for work since it’s the most convenient (even if it isn’t quite the most stylish).

  39. 439
    Junior D. King says:

    I’d choose the utility duffel, Size: Large, Color: Chestnut.

    I’d carry clothes in it.

  40. 440
    Marty Chandler says:

    I like the square backpack because it looks like it will hold my 11″ MacBook Air, my iPad Air, the power cords, AND all my purse stuff with room to spare.

  41. 441
    Lynn Godwin says:

    I’d go with the squared backpack and gift it to my son. I’m guessing he would carry his laptop and various college junk in it.

    I’m not that generous passing it on. Already have an XL briefcase, L thin briefcase, 3 messenger bags, L satchel, and L front pocket backpack. All are truly excellent. So…going with the squared backpack ’cause there’s not one in the family already.

  42. 442
    Frank says:

    It would be totally cool to get put my MacBook and papers in the brown backpack for school.

  43. 443
    Al Carter says:

    I would choose a medium utility duffel in tobacco. This would double as a weekend travel duffel and would be a perfect range bag. Would carry shoes and clothes sometimes….ammo, magazines, eye/ear protection and firearms at others. Love Saddleback products!

  44. 444
    Cooper says:

    The Extra Large Classic Briefcase is indeed, a potential mobile office – great!!!

  45. 445
    Andrew says:

    I would love to win the squared backpack in Carbon Black, if given the choice of colour, and I would use it for school, 2 binders, 1 textbook, 1 MacBook Pro in a bookbook, and a retina iPad mini also in a bookbook

  46. 446
    Del says:

    I would choose the briefcase, to carry my ipad, phone, glasses, and lunch to work!

  47. 447
    Jmel says:

    If I had that utility duffle,mid fill it with Twizzlers and set the night on FIRE.

  48. 448
    Liz says:

    I would love the classic briefcase to carry my iPad and other accessories.

  49. 449
    Angela Artz says:

    I would choose the Classic Briefcase!!! I know that my husband really wants this bag, and he would carry all of his work stuff in it!

  50. 450
    Kimberly Milstead says:

    I would love to have the LG Classic Briefcase in carbon!! Right now I carry a backpack to work with my laptop, notes & other personal items … along with a lunch bag & purse! I am the original bag lady!! How cool would it be to have just one, very smart looking brief case!!

    I would be able to carry my laptop, iPad, phone, lunch bag, and personal items all in one bag!!!

  51. 451
  52. 452
    Randy says:

    The medium classic briefcase is something I’ve wanted for a while. Great giveaway. I’d use it to carry my iPad Air and other equipment when I have presentations to make.

  53. 453
    Mac says:

    The big or large briefcase looks like it has backpack-like straps. That would work for me in many situations, home or travel. Cross fingers.

  54. 454
    Chris Loehr says:

    I have a co-worker who just bought one of these and you can tell it will last 1000 years and if I live that long, I will pack with all my necessary and unnecessary gear. It’s fit for home and work and it will never go out of style.

  55. 455
  56. 456
    sarah says:

    if i luckily get picked as a winner for this giveaway, i would choose a chestnut classic briefcase as a prize. i would use it as my everyday bag. i can put my nexus 5, nexus 7, wallet, home keys, tissue, external battery, sandisk clip+ mp3 player, notepad, pens, folder, extra shirt and a mini bluetooth speaker.

  57. 457
    bophunk says:

    I think I would go for the Squared Backpack. It seems as though one would be able to fit more and larger body parts after disassembly. Leather would better contain pesky fluids which tend to just get filtered through the canvas, leaving more dna laced goo. Plus leather is a natural disinfectant. So here’s hopin for the win so I can get busy!

    Kinda creeped myself out on this last bit…

  58. 458
    Arnold says:

    I’d love the classic briefcase. Very nostalgic.

  59. 459
    bophunk says:

    Win an awesome leather bag from Saddleback Leather Company and The Gadgeteer!— Chris Bowman (@BoPhunk) March 7, 2014

  60. 460
    Andy says:

    I recently invested in a Saddleback Classic Briefcase so I’d have to go for the utility duffel. Look’s like it would make a great overnight bag for family trips.

  61. 461
    Pierre Pelletier says:

    I would love a large utility duffel in chestnut. I would use it to carry clothing and gear when travelling in northern Quebec.

  62. 462
  63. 463
    Pete says:

    saddleback leather company briefcase would be sweet…not going to tweet…but would love to win a large brown one…put music stuff.

  64. 464
    Mina Rohde says:

    I would choose the classic briefcase and I’d carry all my folders and notepads to and from work. My dad always used an attache case and as a kid I thought it’d be cool to have an important job and carry a brief case. (I am wiser now!)

  65. 465
    Dewan Hoque says:

    I would pick the squared backpack. I would carry my laptop and model making + drafting equipment. I think this leather bag would be a great finishing touch to my architect-y attire. Best of luck to everyone that entered. Cheers!

  66. 466
    Rajan W. says:

    The extra large Classic briefcase in light tobacco brown. My 15″ laptop would go in the back slot. The iPad would go in the front slot. Cell phone, pens, cables, power supplies and other accessories would go in front slot pockets. My keys would go on the spring clip in between the slots. Cash and important documents like passport. etc. (while traveling) would go under the false bottom. An umbrella would go under the flap straps and I would wear it backpack style.

  67. 467
  68. 468
    Louie Sunga says:

    Classic briefcase for work related materials.

  69. 469
    Niels Olof Bouvin says:

    They are all gorgeous, but I would choose the Utility Duffel, and use it for travelling. It should be able to hold clothes, cameras, and misc. electronics.

  70. 470
    Peter Hutton says:

    Definitely the Classic Briefcase! It would be perfect for carrying books, my laptop and other work related materials.

  71. 471
    David Leung says:

    I will choose the squared backpack, and I will probably carry my thinkpad and my Nexus 7 with me daily.

  72. 472
  73. 473
    Elias Rangel says:

    I would love the Utility Duffel.
    I use a backpack for my everyday stuff, but sometimes I need the extra room. It would work perfectly for short trips.

  74. 474
  75. 475
    Marcus Schuetz says:

    The classic briefcase beckons me…

  76. 476
    Sam says:

    I’d go for: Classic briefcase ,, extra large-light tobacco brown, as it would be nice for outings, media, and meetings.

  77. 477
    zhe says:

    It all looks wonderful! I really need a sophisticated bag that is functional at the same time. These bags are great fit.

  78. 478
    Bob Mazzola says:

    The duffel would be great for desert excursions for photos.

  79. 479
    Jim F says:

    The squared backpack. I would carry my lunch :)

  80. 480
    Pete Pharis says:

    I would use the classic briefcase to shuttle my study materials back and forth from my church job and my hospital job.

  81. 481
    Larry W. Cox says:

    In my wildest dreams, I would pick the Utility Duffle (light tan). I would use it in my day to day commute. It would be very easy to put all my daily stuff in including my laptop, several phones and chargers, lunch, couple of diapers (Mr. Mom w/newborn) and a change of clothes for him and myself.

    I really would love to win this…but I am sure someone will have the best day ever when they read your email stating they are the winner of a fine piece of leather.

  82. 482
    Bob Deloyd says:

    Saddleback Leather Company Briefcase, GIVE IT TO ME! I will give it to my girlfriend who right now carries all kinds of stuff around in a backpack… this seems more appropriate to me :)

  83. 483
    JoAnna says:

    I don’t believe my first entry was submitted because I failed to enter my name. I think the squared backpack would be handy and stylish for hauling supplies back and forth between my home and my kindergarten classroom. It should hold the necessary teaching materials as well as my lunch and a couple water bottles. On weekends and school breaks, it would be super for heavy duty hauling like the family’s sporting gear, gardening tools and gloves for volunteering or perhaps picnic gear, paired with a cooler. I think it’s a great looking bag and appreciate the opportunity to enter!

  84. 484
    Sean Carroll says:

    I would choose the classic briefcase and would carry my work documents in it and be the envy of everyone in my office.

  85. 485
  86. 486
    vinny f says:

    They’re all beautiful, and I’d love any of them, but would prefer that gorgeous briefcase. Thanks for the opportunity.

  87. 487
    myroslava says:

    I’d go for the Squared Backpack in Chestnut. EDC’ing iPad 3, a Filofax, a couple of notebooks, a pen case, whichever book I’m reading, a camera sometimes.

    The Backpack looks gorgeous!

  88. 488
    myroslava says:

    Aaand, here is my tweet for the Squared Backpack in Chestnut –

  89. 489
    Aaron Baker says:

    Wow it would be a hard choice! Anything from Saddleback would be awesome to own. I would want the briefcase, because it’s what started the amazing business after all! Great product Dave.

  90. 490
    Luis Munoz says:

    I would choose the classic briefcase and would use it when I fly for work. I’m constantly seeking a means to carry my tech yet not be concerned it will fit under the airline seat. I have a backpack, but when I have to travel in business attire it doesn’t match well. Good luck all

  91. 491
    Todd says:

    I would choose the Utility Duffel and carry my leather working tools. I recently started leatherwork as a hobby and it would be perfect to carry and store my supplies.

  92. 492
    Matt Strohbehn says:

    I really like the look of the classic briefcase! I’d use it to carry my iPad and phone, as well as just about anything I need – since it looks cool, I’d carry it everywhere.

  93. 493
    Al Cadiz says:

    I would pick the medium Classic Briefcase (in Chestnut if I can!). I just got a new (used) MacBook Pro and need a fitting case for it. I would stow the typical office essentials (when I get that gig.)

  94. 494
  95. 495
    Matthew Argentieri says:

    If I win, I would love the classic briefcase.

  96. 496
    Matthew Argentieri says:

    Here’s my tweet:

    I think I’d use it as my everyday office bag.

  97. 497
    Steven Brewer says:

    Classic briefcase has to be my choice. Would use to carry MacBook Air, my iPad mini, cords, both cells, small camera, more camera gear, some notebooks and pens and a couple of pocket knives and mini flashlight.

  98. 498

    The winner is #338. Congrats to Ned and thank you to everyone who entered and to Saddleback Leather Company for sponsoring this awesome contest!

  99. 499
    Ned says:

    Thank you very much Julie!!

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