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Increase your safety by adding turn signals to you bicycle

on November 8, 2013 10:00 am


Attach the Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal from Fancy to the post under the seat of your bike, and you’ll increase your visibility and safety.  A wireless push-button controller mounts on the handlebars controls the left/right turn signals and the hazard/safety mode.  The ultra-bright LEDs and an audible alarm ensures that others are aware of your position and your intentions.  This system is suitable for day or night use.  The plastic housing is water-resistant, and it comes with all mounting hardware.  The Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal is available for $68.00.


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    Andrew Baker says:

    Just went to disneyland yesterday for the first time with my child and a stroller. I’ve come to the decision this is something everybody needs to have installed on their butt.

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