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Trongs – Eat with your fingers, skip the mess

on May 12, 2013 12:00 pm


If you dislike the greasy, sticky fingers that go along with eating BBQ ribs, wings, corn on the cob and other foods, consider using a pair of Trongs next time. Trongs are made of food-safe polypropylene and have been  designed to help you grab food with your fingers, without actually touching it. These one-size-fits-all flexible grippers can be washed and reused. If you want to add a pair to your EDC, you can purchase them for $9.95 (2 pairs) or $24.95 (6 pairs). I think I’ll save my $$’s and stick with the old fashioned grab, eat and lick clean solution.


  1. 1
    Ryan Chapman says:

    I don’t mind eating with my fingers but my husband hates it.. I’d be interested to see how he would handle these or if they’d even fit his fingers!

  2. 2

    I saw these introduced on an inventors show on Discovery two years back. Cool idea.

  3. 3
    Drew Baker says:

    But half the fun is licking your fingers when done!

  4. 4
    Ryan Chapman says:

    You could always lick the trongs.. just be very careful! ;)

  5. 5

    Haha, this is clever! But yea, at that price, I’ll just stick to eating with my fingers :D

  6. 6
    Brian says:

    These have got to be one of the lamest things ever.

  7. 7

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