Android Apps Spotlight: Remove that bloatware with Rom Cleaner

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Whether it’s put there by your Telco or your device manufacturer, bloatware is a pain.  Utilities that you’ll never use are taking up valuable storage space and system resources.  If your device is rooted, you can manually remove a lot of this app-by-app.  But every time you get an update for the ROM, you’ll have to manually remove them again – a time consuming process.  ROM Cleaner automates the removal and allows you to manually specify what you want to remove and keep, if you so desire.

From a device manufacturer’s point of view, ROM Cleaner supports  the Samsung Galaxy S3, Note II, Nexus, Tab 10.1, HTC Evo 4G, One X, One S, Desire HD , Sensation, Incredible S, and ASUS Transformer Prime. So flash your ROM update, run ROM Cleaner, and all that Samsung bloatware like Samsung Apps, S-Memo, S-Voice and  all those default live wallpapers and widgets will be fully removed from your system, including all associated services.  You can customise the status of what to remove and keep by editing a simple text file, should you so wish.

This utility saves me about 200mb in my System Rom area on my S3. It’s always nice to start with a nice clean and lean system. 🙂

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Root required: Yes.

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  • ABDOKRO March 4, 2013, 4:19 pm

    A very great tool from a very friendly, dedicated team. They will give you support on XDA or IRC ( for all kind of devices, even for unsupported ones!
    You can also try their other projects: “Widget Scanner” and “Home Screen Saver”.

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