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Celebrate National Drum Month with the Korg Wavedrum Mini

on October 12, 2011 11:00 am

Did you know it was National Drum Month?  Me neither.  But it’s not to late to celebrate it, and Korg has just the portable device to kick your drumming up a notch.  The Wavedrum Mini uses Korg’s legendary Wavedrum technology, but it’s packed into a device small enough to take with you.  Tap the dynamic pad surface with your fingers to play any of the 100 ready-to-play sounds.  Attach the included sensor clip to any surface to add a second sound simultaneously.  The Mini also has 100 rhythm patterns and 10 preset effects, and it has a built-in looper for unlimited overdub layering.  It’s powered by batteries or by the included AC adapter.  It has a headphone jack and a built-in speaker.  There’s even a strap to attach it securely to your thigh .  The Korg Wavedrum Mini is about $300 and is available at a variety of retailers.


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    Jerry Danzig says:

    I’m a drummer with decades of semi-pro experience, and I think this gizmo is — completely useless. Plus at $300, it’s expensive and useless. Fail!

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