Cocoon Grid-It Sleeves for Tablets

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Cocoon has brought their Grid-It organizational system to tablet sleeves.  There is a 7″ Grid-It Wrap that fits Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nook, Nook Color, Kindle WiFi/3G, Sony Daily Edition, and most 7″ tablets.  There’s also a Grid-It Wrap for iPads.  The Grid-It Wrap is a neoprene sleeve that protects your device as you carry it around.  Unlike most neoprene sleeves, these incorporate the Cocoon Grid-It system so you can also carry around chargers, MP3 players, headphones, cell phones, and other things.  The Grid-It has a board inside for stiffness and a series of elastic bands on the front to hold your smaller items.  The tablet fits into the neoprene pouch behind the Grid-It; put the screen facing the back of the Grid-It for extra protection.  The 7″ Grid-It (shown) is $24.99;  the iPad Grid-It is $29.99.

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  • Maree July 15, 2011, 3:10 am

    Would the Ipad Grid-it fit the Galaxy Tablet 10.1 from Samsung?

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