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Make Parking the Car Easier with a Laser Guide

on May 27, 2011 12:00 pm

The Laser Parking System from AutoSport can reduce damage to your car (or your garage) by letting you know when you’re in the “parking sweet spot.”  The system plugs into a power outlet or uses batteries.  Installation is easy with the included hardware.  Set it up by parking the car where you want it, then aim the laser to shine on a specific spot on your hood or dashboard so you’ll know when you’re parked correctly in the future.  A motion sensor turns the laser on and off so you don’t waste power.  The Laser Parking System is available in a single beam model for $29.95 or a double-beam model for $32.95.


  1. 1
    Eric says:

    I use a wiffle golf ball and a string to do the same thing. Total cost, <$1. I position the wiffle ball against the windshield directly in front of my face. All I have to do is aim for the wiffle ball and stop when the wiffle ball taps the glass. Works every time and doesn't need electricity or batteries.

  2. 2
    Ronald says:

    I park my car outside. Total costs: none ;-)

  3. 3
    Mark Rosengarten says:

    Unless you can set it to flash-fry intruders with some pew-pew action, I’m not interested.

  4. 4
    Peter says:

    Many times i park my car outside the “parking sweet spot”… that is the reason i love this device.

  5. 5
    Alan says:

    I use an old skipping rope suspended from a beam in my garage when I touch it I know when to stop cost zilch :)

  6. 6
    Ken S says:

    If you live in a place like Florida parking your car outside costs you a lot of money…unless having paint on the hood and roof and skin on the backs of your legs isn’t an issue.

    Personally, I use a mark on the garage wall…not very high tech, but seems to work.

  7. 7
    BaldSpot says:

    I use the crack in the concrete floor to tell me when to stop. My wife lines up her sideview mirror with the junk on the wall.

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