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Smartsnap Lets You Use a Smart Cover with the Original iPad

on May 19, 2011 8:24 am

When I reviewed the iPad 2, someone asked if the new Smart Cover could be used with the original iPad, and the answer was “no” at the time.  A company called Smartfix has changed that answer to “yes” with their Smartsnap conversion kit.  It basically is an adhesive strip that you apply along one side of your iPad; this strip has a magnetic area that fits along the flat side of the original iPad.  The magnetic bar on the Smart Cover (not included with purchase) attaches to this magnetic strip.  Of course, the original iPad is missing all the other magnets found in the iPad 2, so you will not have the wake/sleep functions and the open edge of the Smart Cover won’t be held closed.  The Smartsnap strip is $20 from Smartfix.  Shipping is $3.00 within the US or $15.00 worldwide.

via Wired


  1. 1
    Jimlat says:

    Hmmmmm…. $20 for the kit, then $40 or $70 for the Smart Cover, that won’t do the cool things it was designed to do on the iPad 2… pass.

  2. 2
    James says:

    The Smart Cover sucks, why would anyone want to use it?

    It doesn’t properly protect the screen, and leaves the back completely unprotected. . . Really, it’s insane the number of people buying it instead of getting a proper cover for their iPad/2.

  3. 3
    T. Smythe Richbourg says:

    It does provide a nice handle or stand. The opposite edges both have magnets, so it holds into that little triangle. But the pricing for it is whack. Of course, it could be argued that all iPad-specific cases are priced quite high.

  4. 4
    Dave says:

    owwowowowowowow must have !!!

  5. 5
    charlieboy says:

    for true apple iPad fans that don’t need a camera and aren’t upgrading to the iPad 2 but want one of the coolest apple Accessories for it, this is pretty much worth it!

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