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Alarm Clocks from Sonic Alert Can Get Your College Students to Class on Time

on May 9, 2011 1:30 pm

Give your high school graduate an alarm clock from Sonic Alert and even the deepest sleeper can get up on time for college classes.  The Sonic Boom clock has a 113dB alarm that should wake most anyone.  It also comes with a bed shaker that can be placed under the mattress or pillow for a bit of extra help waking.  The Sonic Boom alarm clock is $42.95.  There’s also the Sonic Boom Jr. with a 102dB alarm and bed shaker for $34.95.  Both these clocks have flashing alarm lights and battery backup.  Sonic Alert offers various other styles – including The Skull with flashing red eyes and a 113dB alarm for $46.95, for those who sleep like the dead.  Seriously, these clocks also work well for people with hearing difficulties.  Some of these styles can be combined with a receiver that use the clocks and the blinking lights to notify you of an incoming phone call as well.


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    David says:

    My dad uses one of these with the bed shaker. Without that, he still can’t hear the alarm without his hearing aid! (though I can hear it at the other end of the house!)

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