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Freeform Zip Pen – wearable ink pen

on July 1, 2009 7:03 pm

freeform-zippenThe Zip Pen is a compact 0.5 mm point pen that is worn on the middle finger of your writing hand so you always have a pen ready while you type on your computer, read your mail or are on the phone. They can be found at Office Depot for $2.99.


  1. 1
    jc says:

    I’d like to see same concept bluetooth headset (we’ll… I know it’s no longer headset if it’s not worn over the head) ;-)

  2. 2
    Mark says:

    Just make sure you remove the zip pen from your hand before eating. You could poke your eye out…or leave black lines all over your face. :-D

  3. 3
    Julie says:

    @Mark so true… that wouldn’t be funny and it wouldn’t be fun ;)

  4. 4
    John Englert says:

    If you leave the snap-on cover attached, it’s also an excellent stylus for all you remaining Palm users.

  5. 5
    Greg says:

    Looks to be out of stock everywhere I looked and also only for right handed use.

  6. 6
    Julie says:

    @Greg It was showing as in stock at Office Depot last night when I posted it.

  7. 7
    Ashley says:

    I can’t find this pen in stock anywhere.

  8. 8
    Tabitha says:

    It’s not in stock anymore and I love this pen. I lost mine and still have all the replacement ink for it. If anyone sees another would you please let me know?

  9. 9
    Leah says:

    I fell in love with this pen about 4 years ago, but I haven’t been able to find it in stock anywhere!

  10. 10
    ivette mejias says:

    I have been using zip pens for a couple of years. As a data entry employee it is the best to use. I never misplace my pen. Although it’s true take it off when answering the phone your write all over your face. I am trying to find the refills. I order once through internet, but cannot find the site. Help.

  11. 11
    Claudia says:

    I found 10 zip pens at Office max on Hulen in fort worth texas yesterday July 11, 2010

  12. 12
    laurainhouston says:

    it’s 2012… anyone find anymore of these bad boys out there? I love love love mine and need more…

  13. 13
    Rose says:

    Ok I can;t find the zip pen anywhere BUT I have found something similar called “One-Finger Ergonomic Pen” it’s basically the same thing just different company and look. I haven’t tried it myself but it looks promising for those who like the zip pen.

  14. 14
    Rose says:

    Oh almost forgot the website for the one-finger pen is

  15. 15
    Laura says:

    Rose, thank you but not the same. :(

    If anyone finds one they want to sell, please email me at my username above on gmail. Thank you.

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