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Draw with a laser during your next presentation

on April 30, 2009 9:16 pm


Afterglow is a new system that creates an interactive environment with a laser pointer on a projection screen. The laser pointer can be used as a drawing tool to emphasize items on the screen and can also be used to control the cursor like a mouse. Afterglow also has built in slide controls for PowerPoint allowing the user to control their presentation using the laser pointer. Sounds cool, but the $1980.00 price tag will probably scare most people away.


  1. 1
    Gorman says:

    Seems that the system is a rip off, a camera and some simple software could easily do the same trick. And you don’t even need a decent camera.

  2. 2
    Mark says:

    With smart whiteboards, PC (with touch screen) to screen projector or interface, even plain low-tech showing a presentation on a whiteboard and writing on it… I am not sure I see the market for a $2000 device that does this little.

    Although if I had access to one, I bet you could do a real kick-butt presentation!

  3. 3

    [...] is core to your business I would figure that would be a small price to pay. [Afterglow via Gadgeteer via [...]

  4. 4
    Richard says:

    Pretty cool technology, although the pricing seems a bit steep for the corporate market. I saw an ABC News interview, and it looks like they’re targeting the TV market with telestrators. John Madden’s device he was using was upwards of $20~30K.

  5. 5
    GearModa says:

    This is definitely a cool device to make a huge impact in your presentations, i agree though that $2000 might be a little too much, but its still a definitely one of the more unique technology.

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