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M-Edge New Yorker Jacket for Kindle

m edge kindle new yorker cover

The M-Edge New Yorker Jackets are a beautiful way to protect your Kindle.  The jackets feature artwork from the covers of  New Yorker magazine printed on fabric.  There are two images available;  this picture depicts the “Bookopolis” cover by Eric Drooker.  The  interior of the jacket is microfiber, and the Kindle attaches with the Kindle hinge system.  There …

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HDTV Receiver for your Computer

hdtv receiver for computers

You can receive and record local HDTV broadcasts on your PC using the USB digital tuner from Hammacher Schlemmer.  It comes with an antenna, and the ATSC tuner (the same as the ones used in full-sized HD televisions) supports up to 1920 X 1080 resolution.    You can also receive and record FM stations.  The included software …

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PBL Photo Studio Tent with Lights

pbl desktop photo studio

Anyone who’s tried to photograph something to sell on eBay – or anyone who’s written a review for The Gadgeteer – knows how hard it is to get good pictures.  It’s almost impossible to find bright, diffuse light sufficient to get clear, well-lighted pictures that can show the kind of detail needed for these endeavors.  …

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Wrap Your Ear (buds) Around This

miniwinder e1266113010248

I’m always futzing with the wires on my earphones and am always on the lookout to free me of that task.  (I’m not into Bluetooth [shudder].) I bumbled onto this MiniWinder thang by Skylab Products (via SlipperyBrick) and thought “hmmm”.  It apparently has a mechanism to auto-wind your earphone cables, though I can’t tell how …

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Laptop Lunches Bento-style Kits

laptop lunches kit

Okay, this isn’t a gadget, but hey – even gadget-lovers eat lunch!  This bento-style lunchbox from Obentec is a waste-free way to pack lunch for yourself or your kids.  The Laptop Lunches kits were developed by two women who wanted to reduce the staggering amount of paper and plastic waste generated each day in their childrens’ school …

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Easy storm tracking for geeks who don’t want to actually go outside

I’m not like our gadgeteer buddy and real storm tracker Mark Rosengarten, but I do like to keep an eye on the weather. Especially during the winter months. On my iMac, I use Geektool to put an updating radar image of Indiana in the bottom corner of my screen, but now when I want to …

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Sungale Cyberus Ebook Reader / Multimedia Player

sungale cyberus reader

The Cyberus ebook reader from Sungale offers a 7″ LCD touch screen with 800 X 480 pixels resolution.  In addition to letting you read ebooks (TXT and PDF), you can also use the Cyberus to display and download pictures from Picasa,  read RSS feeds from Yahoo and Google, listen to IP radio, access your Gmail account, …

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Qstarz BT-Q1000eX GPS Lap Timer for Extreme Sports

qstarz bt q1000ex gps lap timer

Are you into racing – road-course motorcycles or road-course cars?  If you are, Qstarz has a product that can break your dependence on a clock for timing your practices.  The BT-Q1000eX is a GPS lap timer, capable of logging up to five times a second with its 5 Hz speed.  You simply manually define the start, …

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Lose the fork, Luke!

thinkgeek chopsabers

Fan of Star Wars and sushi?  This elegant utensil for a more civilized age may help add some fanboy/fangirl fun to your next galactic feast.  Two-pack Star Wars Chop Sabers…er…Sticks are plastic and feature highly-detailed, movie-accurate lightsaber hilts in three different blade colors–Jedi Luke Skywalker blue or Yoda green (Yoda’s is slightly shorter length) or …

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Pets are audiophiles too

petacoustics speaker

Your pets are now able get their groove on without the fear of hurting their fuzzy little ears. Pet Acoustics announces the My Pet Speaker, a sound system designed to support the special hearing sensitivities of dogs, cats and horses. Our pets can hear frequencies that are much higher and lower than what our own …

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The Next Step in Global Domination: Google Buzz


Despite their stronghold in the world of email, mapping, photo-sharing, etc., Google has decided to up the ante and delve into the craze that is social-networking. Enter Google Buzz. Rather than operating as a stand-alone website, Buzz is streamlined into Gmail’s web interface.  Status updates, Picasa albums, Google Reader pages, and links to sites like …

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