This mini PC has a built-in touchscreen display!

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NEWS – I’m always looking for gadgets that break the mold. Today, I’m excited to share a mini PC that’s caught my attention for its unique features and design.

The HIGOLEPC mini PC is not your average mini PC. What sets it apart is its built-in touchscreen display, a feature I’ve not seen in any other mini PCs so far. This addition transforms the mini PC from a simple compact computer into a versatile, all-in-one device that can function as both a desktop and a portable unit.

Standout Features

Built-in Touchscreen

The 10.1 inch 1920 x 1200 pixel touchscreen is a game-changer for this mini PC. It allows for quick interactions, system monitoring, and even use as a secondary display. This feature alone makes the HIGOLEPC stand out in a crowded market of mini PCs.

Powerful Performance

Don’t let its small size fool you. The HIGOLEPC mini PC packs a punch with its Intel Celeron J4125 processor (4 cores/4 threads), 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 128GB eMMC. This combination makes this little mini PC an interesting option for dedicated tasks like a stand-alone weather station, home automation controller, media center, etc.

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Connectivity Options

Despite its compact size, the HIGOLEPC mini PC doesn’t skimp on ports. It offers a range of connectivity options, including four USB 3.0 2 ports, two HDMI ports, a Gigabit Ethernet Port, a micro SD card reader, and two RS232 ports (weird, right?). This allows for easy expansion and connection to multiple displays.

Why It’s Different

The HIGOLEPC mini PC stands out from other mini PCs for several reasons:

Integrated touchscreen: This feature is rarely found in mini PCs and adds a new dimension of functionality.

Portability with a display: While most mini PCs require an external monitor, the HIGOLEPC mini PC can be used standalone with up to 8 hours of battery life.

Versatility: It can serve as a desktop (it comes with Windows 11 pre-installed), a portable workstation, or even a smart home control center.

Is It Worth It?

For tech enthusiasts and professionals who value compact yet powerful computing solutions, the HIGOLEPC mini PC offers a unique proposition. Its built-in touchscreen adds convenience and functionality that you won’t find in most other mini PCs. While it may come at a premium compared to standard mini PCs, the added versatility could be worth the investment for the right user.

As always, consider your specific needs and use cases when evaluating devices like this one. But if you’re looking for a mini PC that breaks the mold and offers something genuinely different, the HIGOLEPC mini PC is definitely worth a closer look.
Where to buy: Amazon
Current price: $299.99 = $339.99 – on page $40.00 coupon

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7 thoughts on “This mini PC has a built-in touchscreen display!”

  1. Gadgeteer Comment Policy - Please read before commenting
      1. Trivial.

        Think sales terminal. Or restaurant terminal which the hardware obviously suggests .These come even today with someone’s obscure hardware that can be decade old designs. Odd scanners, odd payment terminals, odd …

        Never forget that the global market has odd places, some countries not yet managed to phase out faxes.

  2. I can see this being used to run a home entertainment system, either as a controller for a remote system or just running media pulled from a NAS. The Celeron may limit your display resolutions, though.

    1. I was also thinking possible point-of-sale with the RS-232 ports.

      Also, good job, China. The marketing screenshot you posted says both R232 and RJ 232.

  3. Has this got the power to be a desktop replacement for web browsing and Microsoft Office? Word and Excel for home user, not database analysis and reports. You said it has Win 11, but is it gasping to respond or have decent pep?

  4. I can see why you’re excited, with the 10″ touchscreen combined with the other features. It’s an empowered tablet you can move around the house with instead of a laptop. I’m going to need a Win 11-capable PC in the near future, and this form factor is intriguing. It wouldn’t really be suitable for travel, at least, I don’t know how you could safely transport it.

    A few things make it not quite ideal. First, no audio port or Bluetooth. It’s also only got WiFi 5, while their 2 smaller units (more phone-size) have 2.4 and 5, one says WiFi 6 in the advertising but not in the pictures. Finally, based on reviews for their earlier models, there’s a problem with the type of charger they use and incompatibility with other chargers and devices, which could end up frying this or other devices.

    They’ve done a few iterations of the other form factor, so maybe they’ll come out with a version of this one with 16GB of RAM and addressing some of the other issues before I’m ready to make a purchase. They seem married to this problematic charger, though, although reviewers say it would be an easy and inexpensive fix.

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