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AOTOB Trampoline 2

REVIEW – Four years ago when I first purchased our home, our kids were dying to have a playhouse. My wife decided we should go with a sizeable one that cost quite a bit and took me a few days to assemble. For the past 2 years, the once desirable playhouse has seen very little use. When I inquired about its new role as a monument, the kids said they were no longer interested in playing with it because they were no longer babies and wanted a Trampoline instead. Just as I was about to purchase one, this AOTOB Trampoline was offered for review. So, here is the story of the new trampoline.

What is it?

The AOTOB Outdoor Trampoline features a safety enclosure net, a heavy-duty jumping mat, a spring cover padding, and a ladder.

What’s included?

AOTOB Trampoline 3
AOTOB Trampoline 4

  • 1 x AOTOB Trampoline
  • I x Assembly Kit including Tools
  • 1 x Instruction Guide

Tech specs

AOTOB Trampoline 1

Design and features

  • Trampoline safety is our top priority when jumping happily. The jump pad and the spring cover are close together to avoid the foot sole being caught by the spring during use. The 12 ft trampoline adopts a widened design, which increases the area used for jumping. The thickened and increased anti-rust steel structure and 5 big U-shaped legs with 10 balanced contact points increase the stability of the trampoline.
  • The trampoline design increases the length of the zipper, making it easier for users to enter and exit, increasing the number of buckles for the zipper, and increasing the user’s safety factor during use. The foam sleeve ensures the child will not be injured if they hit the frame.
  • Trampoline jumping pad (pp material) that is wear-resistant. The trampoline will not fade when it is used outdoors (It is best to put on a protective cover to maintain the trampoline’s new appearance when it is not in use)
  • The sturdy galvanized spring safely connects the tightly woven jump pad and frame together to provide a comfortable jumping force and a deep impression of the jump. 5 solid U-shaped feet ensure that there will be no shaking when jumping.
  • AOTOB 12ft trampoline puts all the accessories in one box, so you receive all the accessories at one time, there is no need to wait for two or three boxes like other trampolines. Maximum load on trampoline: 400 pounds

AOTOB Trampoline 21

The AOTOB Trampoline in this review is the 8 ft model. It features a strong tubular frame and legs, a spring pad and cushioning to cover the springs and a safety net. There is also a ladder to get in and out, and a zippered entrance/exit. A pair of gloves and socks were included.

AOTOB Trampoline 5
AOTOB Trampoline 6
AOTOB Trampoline 7
AOTOB Trampoline 8
AOTOB Trampoline 9

Assembly, Installation, Setup

The following photos are snapshots that I took while assembling the AOTOB Trampoline. If things look out of place in some photos, that is because I initially installed them incorrectly. The instructions are badly written, and since I had never assembled a trampoline before, I had to move forward and then logically see what made sense. Nevertheless, I got it right, and this is a sturdy trampoline.

AOTOB Trampoline 10
AOTOB Trampoline 11
AOTOB Trampoline 12
AOTOB Trampoline 13
AOTOB Trampoline 14
AOTOB Trampoline 15
AOTOB Trampoline 16
AOTOB Trampoline 17
AOTOB Trampoline 18
AOTOB Trampoline 19


Once assembled, the AOTOB Trampoline is sturdy and stable. The springs are safe and provide a nice jumping experience for the kids. The safety net is strong and secure and the zippered entrance/exit works well. The removable ladder is a nice touch.

AOTOB Trampoline 5
AOTOB Trampoline 20
Here is a quick video of the kids enjoying the trampoline.

What I like about AOTOB Trampoline

  • It is easy for one person to set up once you figure out the steps
  • It is very sturdy
  • It looks nice and even includes a ladder for kids to climb in

What needs to be improved?

  • The instructions are terrible and not very easy to follow

Final thoughts

The AOTOB Outdoor Trampoline is made from strong materials and, once assembled, is very strong and stable. The kids enjoy it and it looks like it will last for years.

Price: $ 129.98 to $319.99 depending on the size. This sample is the 8ft size for $129.98 (Amazon); $159.99 (AOTOB)
Where to buy: Amazon, AOTOB website
SourceAOTOB provided a free sample of this product. AOTOB did not have a final say on the review and did not preview this review before it was published.

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