Your swimming pool will be crystal clear with this Smorobot pool cleaner money-savings deal

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DEAL NEWS – The SMOROBOT Tank C1 Wireless Robotic Pool Cleaner is the perfect companion for a hassle-free summer pool experience. This cordless pool vacuum boasts an impressive 150-minute battery life, allowing for uninterrupted cleaning sessions without the hassle of tangled cords.

Equipped with powerful suction and three motors, the Tank C1 effectively removes dirt, debris, and algae from every inch of your in-ground pool, including the walls! Its advanced navigation system ensures thorough coverage, while the large debris compartment minimizes the need for frequent emptying.

What truly sets the Tank C1 apart is its intelligent self-parking feature. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the robot automatically returns to the pool’s edge, making retrieval a breeze. No more heavy lifting or struggling to reach the cleaner.

With the current deal on Amazon, you can elevate your pool experience and bid farewell to the tedious task of manual cleaning. The SMOROBOT Tank C1 is the ultimate summer companion, allowing you to relax and enjoy your pool without the hassle of maintenance.
Where to buy: Amazon or Amazon
Original Price: $599.00
Discount: $20 off coupon + on page coupon
Deal Price: $429.00
Coupon Code: SMOC1OFF20
Deal End Date: 06-13-2024

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