Tesmen TWS-322 self-adjusting wire strippers review

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REVIEW – I find myself tinkering quite a bit.  We have an off-grid solar system that powers my home office and all of our outdoor lighting, with a Redodo 12V 200Ah battery as the hub.  We built a camper from a cargo trailer. I’m constantly building or rewiring something.  All of this involves wiring, and wiring always involves cutting, stripping the ends, and usually joining wires together. This used to involve a pocket full of tools (or, at least two), but the Tesmen TWS-322 Self Adjusting Wire Strippers take all this functionality and put it in one tool, and even add a few more features.

What is it?

The Tesmen TWS-322 is a wire stripper that adjusts automatically for the size and type of wire.  It also includes a wire cutter, wire crimpers, and a non-contact voltage detection to see if the wire is live.

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What’s included?

  • Tesmen TWS-322 Wire Stripper Pliers
  • Manual
  • BatteryTesmen Pliers 2

Tech specs

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Materials: Carbon Steel, Rubber
Weight: 325.2 g  (11.5 oz)
Batteries: LR44 (included)


Design and features

The Tesmen TWS-322 pliers are built as an all-in-one tool for just about any type of wiring.  They feature a wire stripper that works on 10-24 AWG wire.  The stripper is adjustable to ensure the core of the wire is not scratched.

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There is also a plastic guard which lets you adjust the length of the stripped section. There is also a wire cutter, as well as crimpers for both insulated and non-insulated terminals. The biggest selling point is the non-contact voltage detector, which is great for ensuring that the wire you’re about to cut into is live or not.

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The Tesmen TWS-322 works very well.  I tested it while setting up some low-voltage landscape lights, moving an outlet for a wall-mounted TV, and in building out a solar-powered irrigation system.  In all instances, it worked great. The wire cutters could cut through both solid core and stranded wire with ease, and was able to strip both in multiple gauges without any adjustment needed.

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The crimpers worked well (for insulated crimps – I did not test non-insulated crimps), and the voltage detector worked well as well on both AC and DC circuits from 5 to 220 V. My only complaint was that the button to turn the voltage detector on is right on the back of the pliers, and setting the pliers down often turns the detector on. It has an auto-shutoff after 3 minutes so it probably won’t kill the battery, but a simple movement of the button from the back to the side would be a big positive.

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What I like about the Tesmeen TWS-322 Pliers

  • Cutter, crimper, and stripper all worked very well
  • Grips are comfortable and pliers don’t take a ton of hand strength to use effectively
  • Strippers are adjustable for both stripping force and stripping length

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What needs to be improved?

  • Move the power button from the back to the side

Final thoughts

Having one tool for many wiring tasks is really convenient, and when that tool helps you prevent electrocution, it’s even better.  The Tesmen TWS-322 has already proven to be a heavily used tool, and promises to remain so.

Price: $19.99
Where to buy: Tesmen or Amazon (Save 10% OFF with code: VAKVGP32 expires 10/1/2024)

Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Tesmen.   Tesmen did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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