Vactidy V8 Pro vacuum review

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REVIEW – I recently had the opportunity to put a vacuum cleaner through its paces. Sent to me by Vactidy, this lightweight “stick” styled device promised to be a game-changer. As I unboxed their six-in-one cordless self-standing vacuum cleaner, I was struck by the compactness of the packaging. But the real question remained: does the highly customizable Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum really suck, or does it really suck in a good way? Dive into my review to uncover the truth.

What is it?

The Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum is a portable, highly customizable, lightweight, self-standing six-in-one vacuum cleaner.

What’s included?

The Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum takes an unconventional approach to detailing its contents. Rather than an exhaustive list, it opts for a concise presentation: a solitary page adorned with visuals showcasing every component nestled within the box. Hence, I shall christen each item based on insights gleaned from the website, circumventing Vactidy’s missing nomenclature. They’ve chosen a manual sparing in verbosity, save for the obligatory safety notices, meticulously translated into multiple languages in the beginning of the manual. With that preamble in mind, let us proceed.

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 17

  • Integrated Battery Handle
  • Motor, Filter Dust Bin assembly
  • Extension Tube
  • Two HEPA filters, one preinstalled in Motor/filter assembly
  • LED Electric Brush Head
  • Long Crevice Nozzle
  • Round Brush Tool
  • Wall mount with power adapter connection
  • User Manual

Tech specs

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Capacity 0.5 liters
Motor Power 160 Watts
Suction Power 25,000 Pa
Suction Modes 2
Runtime 35 minutes
Charging Time 5 hours
Extension tube 16” – 26”
Floor Attachment Flexibility 180° sideways and 90°vertically
Weight 7 pounds (for everything)


Design and features

The hallmark feature of the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum undoubtedly lies in its versatile configurations, a testament to the ingenuity of the Vactidy system. Transitioning seamlessly from a handheld vacuum to a freestanding floor cleaner is straight forward with the adjustable extension tube, allowing for swift detachment and reattachment.

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 3

Crafted with a meticulous design, the handle, battery, and motor assembly offer flexibility. It can be directly connected to the floor attachment for convenient stair cleaning or affixed to either the crevice tool or brush tool for car or furniture vacuuming tasks. The extension tube extends the reach, accommodating any of the three attachments with ease.

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 15

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 14

Engaging with the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum is a tactile pleasure. The satisfying click of connections contrasts starkly with the usual friction attachments found in many vacuums, minimizing the annoyance of tools dislodging during use. The extension tube adds up to 26 inches to your reach, enhancing accessibility without compromising maneuverability.

Equipped with a soft brush beater bar, the floor assembly is optimized for hardwood or tile floors, albeit less effective on thick carpets. The perpetual operation of the beater brush ensures consistent performance, complemented by an LED light strip illuminating dust and pet hair, even in the narrowest of spaces.

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 9

With two suction speeds, ECO and MAX, powered by a robust 160W motor, the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum offers versatility matched with efficiency. ECO mode doubles battery life, extending runtime for prolonged cleaning sessions. I personally experienced 19 minutes with a MAX power setting and the floor attachment connected and noticed about 6 minutes per battery level division. Recharging is simple, with a full cycle taking between 4.5 to 5 hours.

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 6

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 12

Ergonomically designed, the pistol-style handle grip is lightweight yet sturdy, facilitating easy maneuverability. The built-in display provides convenient access to power modes and battery levels, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions. However, the delayed response of the on/off button and the unexpected transition to MAX mode on power-down can be a minor inconvenience.

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 16

The Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum boasts a 4-layer filtration system, capturing particles as small as 0.1 microns for clean, fresh exhaust air. Maintenance is a breeze, with washable components ensuring longevity and performance.

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 8

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 11

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 1

While many vacuums offer the standard option of emptying the dust bin, the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum takes it a step further. Its dust collection assembly can be disassembled and washed, allowing for a thorough cleaning that restores it to almost-new condition.

Impressively, Vactidy doesn’t stop there. They include a spare HEPA filter, extending the lifetime of the vacuum even after the original filter wears out. And when it comes to dealing with the tangled mess that often occurs around the beater brush, the beater brush can be easily removed, washed, and dried before being reinstalled. This design ensures that the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum remains a useful cleaning tool for a long time.

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 4

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 13

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 5

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 10

Vactidy T8 Pro Vacuum 2

Assembly, Installation, Setup

Setting up the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum is as one would expect, with minimal fuss required beyond charging the unit and attaching the desired accessory. A permanent wall mount offers convenient storage for the crevice tool and round brush attachment, while also providing sturdy support for the freestanding floor unit. I did not utilize the permanent mount for this review, however it seemed to be designed perfectly to corral all the included cleaning tools for the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum system.


So did the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum really suck? In short, it really did, and when I say it really sucked, it sucked well enough to pick up dust, pet hair, cat litter pellets, and basically everything I threw at it. Vactidy claims twenty-five thousand Pascals of suck, which looking on the internet, appears to be a reasonable number for a handheld powered vacuum cleaner. Given the values that I viewed online, I think the suck-ability of the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum will not disappoint.

What I like about the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum

  • Extremely flexible and versatile
  • The overall weight of the unit

What needs to be improved?

  • Allow for floor attachment’s beater brush to be switched off
  • Replaceable battery

Final thoughts

There’s little to fault with the Vactidy V8 Pro Vacuum six-in-one vacuum system. Its performance as a hard floor cleaner is commendable, offering thorough cleaning without compromise. The added versatility of seamlessly transitioning to car cleaning with a simple detach and attach of the desired tool further enhances its value.

The ability for cleaning beyond just the dust caddy is a welcomed feature, ensuring a complete cleaning experience. However, only time will reveal how the unit holds up as it ages, particularly concerning its runtime.

A minor gripe lies in the enclosed battery, which presents a challenge should the system’s performance degrade over time. A more easily replaceable battery would provide peace of mind for long-term usability.

Price: $109.99
Where to buy:  Amazon 
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Vactidy. Vacuity did not have a final say on the review and  did not preview the review before it was published.

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